Traymount Pro Sprayer

Traymount Pro Overview

The Traymount sprayer is available in two convenient tank sizes 800 or 1000L with a host of practical options to turn your ute into the ultimate spray vehicle.

Designed with road legalities in mind it can be optioned with manual or full hydraulic folding booms in either mid-mount or rear mount configurations to give a legal transport width and length. Pump options include 40, 85 & 100 l/min coupled to a reliable Honda engine with pull or electric start. The pumping system comes standard with a 3 way suction ball valve that is plumbed to a flushing tank for quick easy clean-up after spraying. This increases pump and system longevity and also speeds up the decontamination process between jobs. For the control system you have the choice of electric on /off with electric pressure regulation controlled from the cab or the fully automatic Raven SCS450 rate controller with optional GPS guidance.

Typical uses

Broadacre spraying
Pasture spraying
Rowcrop spraying
Vegetable spraying
Horticultural spraying
Weed control
Pest control
Industrial spraying
Municipal spraying
Specialised cleaning
Inoculant spraying
Fertiliser application
Fire Fighting
Water transfer

Booms - Hydraulic

Traymount Pro Sprayer hydraulic mid mounted boom

Hydraulic mid mount

Hydraulic mid mount boom - boom widths 10-12m, fully hydraulic folding boom with unique narrow profile tilt arms enables a road legal transport width under 2.5m. Boom features a self leveling centre section with dampeners to ensure an excellent boom ride. This boom is mounted behind the cab therefore a rear spray bar is included. Options include hydraulic 900mm lift, individual wing tilt and boom end breakaways.

Boom option

Traymount Pro Sprayer with manual screw height lift for boom

Manual Screw height lift

The manual screw height adjuster is a simple and economical devise to raise or lower the boom. It eliminates the need for hydraulics or electrics therefore is ideal for use in a traymount situation. Simply wind the handle for precise height adjustment.


DimensionsLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)


Tank capacity800L1000L
Booms10m hydraulic fold^ (3 sections) - Option
12m hydraulic fold^ (3 sections) - Option
Individual hydraulic wing tilt^ - Option
Boom end breakaways - Option
Boom LiftsManual screw height adjuster - Option
Hydraulic 900mm lift^ - Option
Boom Options22L Foam single - Option
22L Foam double - Optional
Manual single sided fence line
Induction & measuring equipmentVenturi Probe
Top mount bottom fill
Sprayer controls3 way electric reg - Option
Raven SCS440 automatic rate control - Option
Pump optionsZeta 100 electric start Honda
General sprayer options30m hose reel with AA30 Gunjet - Option
100m Pro-Reel with Turbo 400 gun - Option
150m Pro-Reel with Turbo 400 gun - Option
Venturi Agitator
Single tank flush nozzle
23L hand wash tank
Mounting & demounting options1Lift off and tie down lugs
100mm under frame legs

^Hydraulic power packs will be required when choosing hydraulic options. These can be configured upon request