12 volt Squirt trolley sprayer

Squirt Overview

The Goldacres Squirt is a 12 volt rechargeable trolley sprayer with a tank capacity of 30 litres and a powerful 3.5 l/min 12 volt pump delivering 70 psi of spraying pressure.

The squirt is easily to wheel with its large diameter rubber wheels and is well balanced with all weight down low for stability. The pump features a pressure switch so it only runs while you pull the trigger, and spray pattern is easily adjusted from a straight stream to a fan from the nozzle.

Typical uses

Garden spraying
Orchid spraying
Vegetable spraying
Horticultural spraying
Weed control
Pest control
Industrial spraying
Municipal spraying
Specialised cleaning
Inoculant spraying
Fertiliser application
Water transfer

Squirt features

12 volt rechargeable squirt trolley sprayer UV resistant tank


30 litre rotationally moulded UV resistant polyethylene tank.

12 volt rechargeable squirt trolley sprayer sight tube

Sight tube

Easily calibrate your chemical mix with 5L increments along the back of the tank.

12 volt rechargeable squirt trolley sprayer spray gun telescopic lance

Telescopic lance

A telescopic lance is fitted with a lockable trigger along with an adjustable spray nozzle.

12 volt rechargeable squirt trolley sprayer recharge point

Re-charge point

Pump and fully sealed battery are protected by a stainless steel backing plate with voltage meter and sealed on off switch. Battery life between charging is up to 8 hours of continuous use with a recharge time of 4 hours.

Dimensions & weight

Height WidthLengthWeight


Tank capacity30 litres
Power12 volt rechargeable
Pump3.5 litre per minute
Working pressure70 psi
Hose length3 metres
Spray gunTelescopic lance