clearing sale


Wednesday 22nd of May 2019- 9.30am start

St Arnaud Saleyards, 66 Cemetery Road, St Arnaud

Auctioneer: Brett Douglas

Approximately 400 lots of Goldacres excess stock, including Tanks 3PL, Tanks Cartage, Tanks Skid Base, Silo Section Steel, Steel 3PL Frames, 24mt Horticulture boom hydraulic, 12mt Folding Boom hydraulic, 15mt Folding Boom hydraulic, 7500lt Steerable axle chassis, Steel Racking (Assorted), 800lt Traymount with Twin Hose Auto hose reels, Onga Fire Fighter Pumps (1.5″), Water Transfer Pumps (1.5″), Onga Fire Fighter Kits (1.5″), Assorted steel laser cut plates, Diesel Guns, Diesel Pumps, Scrap Aluminium offcuts, Aluminium Lengths RHS, Steel Offcuts, Mister Sprayer (no Pump) x 3, Plastic Tubs, Batchmate Tanks only x 2, 4000lt Sprayer with 30mt Boom, 5000Lt Sprayer with 30mt Boom, Misc Axle hubs, Misc Axles Complete, Trailer Axles and Accessories, Parkason Bandsaw, Metal Cut Off Saw, Assortment of Nozzles, Various Tool Boxes, Ex Demo Aluminium Booms, Udor Kappa 150 2C Pump x 2 (New), Udor Kappa 125 1C Pump x 7 (New), Udor Kappa 33 Pump x 1 (New), Honda Engine G200 Series x 2 (New), Hydraulic Rams, Retractable hose reels, Manual wind hose reel, 3″ Exhaust Tube, Flat Mild Steel, MiniSprayer, Assorted Paint, An assortment of different hoses, Suction Filters, Vehicle Lights and Mirrors, Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, Poly Pipe 3/4″, Suction hose.


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