Goldacres Owner-Operator Manuals

Got questions about your Goldacres equipment? You’ll find the answer in a Goldacres owner-operator manual. Download the Goldacres owner-operator manual for your agricultural chemical spray equipment and have it handy whenever its required.

Crop Cruiser
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZipChapters
Crop Cruiser G620190GA8700988 48mb 44mb
Crop Cruiser G420191GA8700987 36mb 35mb
Crop Cruiser G4.7 / G5 / G620174GA8700769 30mb 28mb
Crop Cruiser G3V / G4V20174GA8700841 66mb 62mb
Crop Cruiser G3 / G420173GA8700770 96mb 92mb
Crop Cruiser G4.7 / G5 / G620151GA8700308 40mb 37mb
Crop Cruiser G3 / G420151GA8700312 40mb 37mb
Crop Cruiser G3 / G420141GA5071145 55mb 46mb
Crop Cruiser Evolution20141.1GA8700121 51mb 41mb
Crop Cruiser Evolution20131.4GA5071140 47mb 38mb
Crop Cruiser Evolution20111.2GA5063700 41mb 33mb
Total Machine Control1GA8700120 21mb 19mb
Super Cruiser
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZipChapters
Super Cruiser G82019 0GA8700989 64mb 59mb
Super Cruiser G820175GA8700771 113mb 109mb
Super Cruiser G10s20160GA8700443 17mb 16mb
Super Cruiser G820151GA8700364 37mb 33mb
Trailed - Prairie
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZipChapters
Prairie Pro20190GA8701009 71mb 64mb
Prairie Pro20173GA8700776 72mb 65mb
Prairie Pro20150GA8700305 20mb 19mb
Prairie Evolution20131GA5063720 20mb 18mb
Prairie Eco20131GA5063725 12mb 11mb
Prairie Evolution20111.4GA5061420 11mb 9mb
Prairie Advance20101.3GA5061430 16mb 15mb
Prairie20040 23mb 22mb
Prairie Sprayer19960 13mb 13mb
Trailed - Special
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZipChapters
Prairie Special 4000-6500L2017-190GA8701083 12mb 12mb
Prairie Special 4000-5000L20172GA8700777 28mb 26mb
Prairie Special 1500-3000L20171GA8700778 21mb 19mb
Prairie Special 1500-3000L2017-190GA8701082 11mb 11mb
Prairie Special 3000-5000L20150GA8700304 19mb 18mb
Special Evolution 3000-5000L20141GA5061470 9mb 18mb
Special Evolution 3000-5000L20111.2GA5061455 12mb 12mb
Special EF 3000 4000 5000L20102GA5061435 73mb 70mb
Special EF 3000 4000L20091.2GA5061435 70mb 68mb
Chemical Handling
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
SuperFlow Mobile Hopper2016 2GA8700134 2mb 1mb
Batchmate20164GA8700153 6mb 5mb
Fire Fighting
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
Fire Fighting20151GA8700130 1mb 1mb
Sprayers - Small
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
3PL Small Frame20190GA8701054 9mb 8mb
3PL Pasture20163GA8700265 6mb 5mb
3PL 12v20162GA8700740 6mb 5mb
3PL Work Ready20152GA8700165 5mb 5mb
Ultimate20140GA8700280 2mb 1mb
ATV200 / ATV300L / UV400L20140GA8700278 2mb 2mb
3PL Pasture2012+GA8700741 3mb 2mb
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
T320170GA8700839 5mb 4mb
Traymount20163GA8700742 5mb 5mb
Traymount20150GA8700275 2mb 1mb
Pro-Reel20155GA8700158 2mb 1mb
Pro-Reel2012+GA8700747 8mb 7mb
Booms - Small
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
Towbar booms20180GA8701033 2mb 2mb
Small booms 3-12m20184GA8700803 11mb 11mb
Small Booms20172GA8700803 17mb 16mb
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
VT Menu NavigationA016-0171-511 90kb 77kb
Switch Pro016-0171-219 6mb 6mb
Switch Box with ISOBUS VT Display 945kb 850kb
Switch Box with ISOBUS Systems 549kb 533kb
SmartBoom Universal Installation016-1001-074 2mb 2mb
SmartBoom and SmartRow Installation016-0171-093 2mb 2mb
Sidekick Pro016-0171-391 3mb 3mb
Service ToolA016-5030-022 12mb 10mb
SCS4500160159831 11mb 10mb
SCS440 (Twin Window)R0160159409 2mb 2mb
SCS4000/5000F016-0159-925 4mb 4mb
SCS330 Manual 678kb 665kb
ISOBUS Product ControlE016-0171-362 4mb 665kb
ISO AutoBoom 6.0 and NewerA016-0130-078 2mb 1mb
ISO AutoBoomF016-0130-065 2mb 1mb
Injection Pump 3mb 3mb
HawkeyeA016-0171-584 964kb 817kb
Envizio Pro and Envizio Pro II Quick Reference Guide 4mb 817kb
Envizio Pro and Envizio Pro II016-0171-148 48mb 817kb
Cruizer II 6mb 6mb
CAN Diagnostic Tool 3mb 3mb
AutoBoom UltraGlide XT016-0130-073 1mb 1mb
AutoBoom Control Console Calibration016-0130-062 2mb 1mb
AutoBoomG016-0130-062 2mb 1mb
AccuBoom for Cruizer II Consoles 281kb 243kb
Trailed - Compact
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
Prairie Compact20150GA8700317 15mb 14mb
Compact Evolution20141GA8700116 8mb 6mb
12 Volt
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
Spotmate / Traymate201910GA8700174 4mb 3mb
Spotmate Trailer20180GA8700991 7mb 7mb
Hysi20180GA8700992 3mb 3mb
Compact 30020180GA8700995 4mb 4mb
ATV7520182GA8700277 2mb 2mb
Squirt20151GA8700276 559kb 400kb
Spotmate / Traymate20156GA8700174 3mb 2mb
Diesel Tank20151GA8700279 791kb 422kb
ATV7520140GA8700277 1mb 967kb
Ezi-mate2012+GA5022323 7mb 7mb
Diesel Tank2012-2015GA8700744 467kb 311kb
Diesel Tank010-2012GA5022329 2mb 311kb
ModelYearRevisionPart NumberPDFZip
Windrow20180GA8700828 9mb 8mb