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Factory fitted weed sensing technology

The latest weed sensing technology system will soon be a factory-fitted option on the Goldacres range of sprayers. French company Bilberry will supply the weed-sensing camera system, and Goldacres will work with them to develop the architecture needed to integrate it with the sprayer rate controller. Bilberry has set up an office in Australia, so... Read more
G6 With Cameras

Glenkeith Ag chooses Goldacres G4 Crop Cruiser

Damien Maunder of Glenkeith Ag contract spraying from Boggabri Northwest NSW writes about why he chose the Goldacres G4 for his contact spraying business. “I’ve had a passion for agriculture for as long as I can remember, and believe it is important to benefit from the latest technology at hand to maximise yields and run... Read more
Damien Maunder

Norm Neilson “It’s brilliant! The best weed sprayer I have ever used”.

Located in Metung in country Victoria, is the “Norm Neilson Fine Art Photographic Gallery” ( and open display native gardens on a 1-acre plot. With regular visitors to both the Gallery and the Gardens through Spring, Summer and Autumn, Norm needs to have his garden looking it’s best at all times. Keeping the weeds in... Read more

Goldacres trailing pasture sprayer – A proven performer

On a grazing property just outside Bairnsdale Victoria, Bill Armit tells the story of how he has enjoyed using his old Goldacres Sprayer for over 18 years. The trailed sprayer is still in good working order and has obviously been made to last. When looking to the future, Bill was seeking a larger sprayer with... Read more
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Flexible application

For two decades the Goldacres Three Tier (3TS) nozzle technology system has helped deliver consistent rates at varying speeds within the nozzle droplet spectrum. Put simply the operator can maintain the target rate over a wide range of different speeds. The 3TS system uses 2 nozzles working together to maintain the target rate and optimum... Read more

Goldacres 3TS Pro

The new Goldacres 3TS Pro system is the next generation in spraying. The 3TS Pro secret is 3 nozzles all working together to maintain consistent pressure within the system and therefore consistent droplet size at all speeds. The new 3TS Pro system has a pressure differential of only 1.45 bar maximum, well within the tolerance of all nozzles.... Read more
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Are the fenceline jets controlled by the Raven controller?

Fence line jets (if fitted) are controlled from a switch box supplied with the sprayer which is fitted in the cabin. If the controller has unused boom sections available, these can be used to control fence line jets. Read more

Is sprayer stability affected by yaw movement of the boom?

Large booms when yawing backwards and forwards can influence chassis stability. This can affect GPS steering causing an overreaction to corrections. Goldacres unique boom yaw suspension separates boom movement from the tanker so boom movement does not impact on directional stability. Read more

Is SmartSteer available on all models?

No, SmartSteer is only available on the Prairie Pro models. SmartSteer is especially suited to GPS steering as changes in direction do not translate into boom yaw, common with articulated chassis steering systems. Read more

Old reliables put Goldacres in spotlight

MENTION a Cummins engine linked to an Allison transmission and you’ve arguably got a farmer’s attention. Paint the machine any colour you like because colour is not a consideration when you know the proven reliability and longevity you’ll achieve with this combination. And it’s proving a winner for Lort River farmers John and Simon Stead,... Read more
Goldacres G6 self propelled boom sprayers