Norm Neilson “It’s brilliant! The best weed sprayer I have ever used”.

Located in Metung in country Victoria, is the “Norm Neilson Fine Art Photographic Gallery” ( and open display native gardens on a 1-acre plot. With regular visitors to both the Gallery and the Gardens through Spring, Summer and Autumn, Norm needs to have his garden looking it’s best at all times. Keeping the weeds in check is one of the top priorities for his established garden.
Norm has tried many other garden sprayers over the years that just don’t last. He was looking for something that lets him spray the whole garden in one go (no re-filling of the tank).

Some of the points he likes best about the Goldacres Squirt are:

  • Easy to move around – love the wheels.
  • Long hose – gets into awkward spots
  • The wand has an adjustable nozzle which means he can target the weeds – not the plants.
  • Quick to use – can do his whole acre property. Then often helps by spraying his neighbour’s weeds when he is has finished his own garden.