Yearly Archive: 2018

Are the fenceline jets controlled by the Raven controller?

Fence line jets (if fitted) are controlled from a switch box supplied with the sprayer which is fitted in the cabin. If the controller has unused boom sections available, these can be used to control fence line jets. Read more

Is sprayer stability affected by yaw movement of the boom?

Large booms when yawing backwards and forwards can influence chassis stability. This can affect GPS steering causing an overreaction to corrections. Goldacres unique boom yaw suspension separates boom movement from the tanker so boom movement does not impact on directional stability. Read more

Is SmartSteer available on all models?

No, SmartSteer is only available on the Prairie Pro models. SmartSteer is especially suited to GPS steering as changes in direction do not translate into boom yaw, common with articulated chassis steering systems. Read more