Agricultural chemical spray equipment

Australia’s most innovative agricultural chemical sprayers

Goldacres is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of world-class agricultural chemical spray equipment for farmers. Driven by a philosophy to provide farmers with equipment and technology that delivers. Goldacres consistently strives for innovation, quality and adaptability through a courageous approach to the research and development of its versatile range of sprayers.

Goldacres range of agricultural chemical sprayers comprises a selection of diverse precision equipment for a wide variety of uses and applications.

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Self-propelled chemical sprayers

Work smarter, not harder and get the results you require with a self-propelled chemical sprayer from Goldacres' Crop and Super Cruiser range. Goldacres self-propelled chemical spray equipment features the state-of-the-art G8 Super Cruiser, G6 Crop Cruiser, G4 Crop Cruiser and GV4 Crop Cruiser.

Trailing chemical sprayers

From the largest broadacre property to the smallest hobby farm, trailing sprayers in the Goldacres range will satisfy your requirements. Goldacres' trailing chemical sprayers include the Prairie Pro, Prairie Special, Prairie Compact, Prairie Compact S, Prairie Rowcrop and Compact ATV engine and 12-volt sprayer models.

Three-point linkage sprayers

The Goldacres range of three-point linkage sprays draws on our four decades of experience and extensive history creating tough and rugged agricultural chemical-handling equipment that delivers precision performance and results. Our range of three-point linkage sprays comprises small-frame, medium frame and large-frame models. Chemical capacities range from 450 litres to 2000 litres and booms from four metres to 30 metres.


Goldacres' acclaimed booms have stood the test of time, thanks to their strong construction and superior control. Goldacres spray booms come in hydraulic, manual, towbar and boomless nozzle models, ensuring there is a boom sprayer that matches your requirements.

Traymount sprayers

Designed for small booms and spot spraying, Goldacres' traymount chemical sprayers are perfect to mount on the back of a ute or trailer. The traymount sprayers range includes the RTV300 for rough terrain vehicles, Spotmate for spot spraying around the property, heavy duty 12-volt Traymate designed for spot or boom spraying and the versatile T3. The T3 is Goldacres' weed terminator, combining a 300-litre tank, Honda engine and powerful spray pump. The traymount range also includes the hard-working Pro-Reel® hose reels which take hard work out of any spray job.

12-volt chemical sprayers

If it's versatility and dependability you're after then it's hard to go past Goldacres' range of reliable 12-volt chemical sprayers. The extensive range of 12-volt sprayers is jam-packed with choices, including the Spotmate, Traymate, ATV75, Hysi applicators, Mini Sprayer, Spotmate Trailer, ever-popular Squirt and rechargeable RX Electric.


The Pro-Reel® range combines technology with practicality to streamline spraying jobs. Pro-Reel® rewind spray units feature high-frequency radio electronics which allow automatic hose retraction from just about any position. The Goldacres' range of Pro-Reel® remote control units features the Pro-Reel® standalone, Pro-Reel® traymount, and Pro-Reel® twin traymount.

Chemical handling equipment

Goldacres knows time is money, particularly for people on the land, and that's why we offer a range of agricultural chemical handling equipment that minimises reload time and gets farmers back in the paddock sooner. From our Batchmate and Mobile Induction Hopper models through to our Direct Chemical Injection technology, Goldacres' chemical-handling equipment offers the most efficient, versatile and flexible range of options and configurations on the market today.

Backpack and compression spray equipment

Not every job requires farm-size agricultural chemical sprayers and for those smaller jobs Goldacres has a range of portable and backpack chemical sprayers. The Goldacres collection includes 12-volt and compression spray equipment.  The compression range comprises the Marolex 2000, Hobby 5, 9 and 12-litre sprayers, the Industry 5, 9 and 12-litre and MX-20 Trolley Sprayer. The Squirt and RX Electric are both rechargeable 12-volt sprays. Goldacres also offers the 12-litre Marolex vacuum pump for simple and straightforward liquid transfer and a selection of Shurflo pumps.

Spray equipment accessories

A range of agricultural spray equipment accessories rounds out the Goldacres range and ensures our clients get the absolute best results from our products. From the largest accessories such as Goldacres premium vehicle cabin and dealer-fitted options through to the smallest, such as our selection of spray nozzles, 12-volt spray and Marolex accessories, Goldacres has what's required.

Find your nearest Goldacres dealer today to find out more about the Goldacres range of spray equipment and accessories. You can also download a catalogueparts manual or owner-operator manual or watch how-to videos and other Goldacres videos to familiarise yourself with our products.

At Goldacres we will happily answer your questions so please contact us at Goldacres’ head office in Ballarat to find out more about our business and its role in the community, our chemical spray equipment, our services and our dedicated team.