Aberfoyle Farms – for our conditions, Goldacres does it better.

Charlie Vallance Blog

Charlie and Neil Vallance of Aberfoyle farms are located in the heart of Western Victoria in Lake Bolac. Their mixed farming operation is a second-generation farm in one of the country’s most consistent agricultural growing areas.

The western districts can produce very consistent rainfall which can equate to very wet and boggy farming, thus needing a sprayer that’s suited for those conditions.

When it comes to spraying, Neil and Charlie chose the Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser self-propelled sprayer for its mechanical 4WD, light tare weight, and industry-leading boom ride.
These unique features are consistently favoured by farmers.

“The weight of the sprayer is paramount to its performance. It allows me to keep spraying longer and get back on the paddocks sooner after rain events. Ensuring less soil compaction, less wheel tracking, while greatly reducing the risk of bogging” Charlie said.

Charlie and Neil have recently taken delivery of their 3rd G6 Crop Cruiser, and are impressed with the vast upgrades on the Series 2.

“It was a great time to update from the previous sprayer with the new G6 Crop Cruiser having faster filling and a riveted boom,” Charlie said.

Charlie mentioned, “the choice of self-propelled sprayers available on the market is quite large and all do a great job, for our conditions, the Goldacres just does it better”.

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