24, 28 & 30 metres – TriTech Boom IFS (Independent Fold System)

The ultimate in flexibility, control and spraying precision.

The TriTech IFS is a product of 2 years of extensive engineering and design to give the operator the most flexible spraying solutions available.
Up to 14 different spraying configurations can be achieved with the IFS boom while retaining the TriTech 3 way suspension system for the ultimate control.
TriTech 3 way suspension dampens the forces of Yaw ( forwards / backwards movement ), Pitch ( up / down movement ) and Roll of the boom centre section. This provides a very stable platform for accurate spray distribution.

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  • Single sided boom spraying, due to the high price of land again, being able to spray across the headland single sided is a huge advantage as there could be obstacles near the fence line or windbreaks.
  • Operate run left and right booms at different heights.
  • Up to 16 section control.
  • Boom tilt up to 8 degrees standard.
  • Accumulators suspension on the main para lift.
  • Centre lockout system for single-sided spraying.
  • Centre spray bar connected to inner wings for complete coverage.

Boom operation:

  • When both individual lift arms are in the up position the centre section geometry is exactly the same as fitted to a conventional TriTech boom.
  • For one side spraying, the paralift is raised up enabling one of the booms to sit on the rest. The unfolded boom then has 1.2m of travel.
  • Inner ends of the centre spray bar are fitted with a fence line jet to enable spraying through the full width of the machine even when one boom is out.
Features & benefits
Features & benefits
This design features a unique individual wing lift parallelogram design allowing single-sided spraying as well as a multitude of spraying widths.
As both sides of the centre section work individually to each other, left and right boom wings can operate at different spray heights. A large and small crop planted alongside each other can be sprayed at the same time.
This clever design also keeps the nozzles in perfect alignment with the target while height variations are made.
This is particularly beneficial in a horticultural environment where the nozzle placement over the target is critical to spray performance. Also included in the design is a single boom nozzle bar to accommodate virtually any plumbing configuration without fuss, placing the nozzle precisely where it needs to be at all times.
The boom has a spray height variation of 400mm to 1700mm when fitted to our RC4 trailing sprayer and 400mm to 2000mm when fitted to the back of the G4V Crop Cruiser, which is more than enough to cope all horticultural applications.
Strength and durability is built into the design using a trussed mild steel construction on the inner and outer wings with aluminium breakaways included in the chance of ground or obstacle strikes.
Feature Description
Boom operation 14 spray configurations Standard
3-way TriTech suspension Standard
Single sided working spray position Standard
Individual Bi-fold Standard
Centre section suspension lock out Standard
Uninterrupted nozzle spray bar Standard
16 section plumbing Standard
Outer wing breakaways Standard
Adjustable nozzle brackets Standard
Individual wing tilt Standard
Construction RHS inner and outer wing construction, aluminium breakaways Standard
Plumbing 3/4″ boom plumbing Standard