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The G4 Crop Cruiser, G6 Crop Cruiser and G8 Super Cruiser sprayer models can now be optioned with Weedetect green on green weed detection spraying system. 

The system is available with booms up to and including 36m, with cameras are positioned every three metres and detects weeds at spraying speeds of up to 20 km/hr. Weed detection camera technology provides substantial chemical savings as opposed to blanket spraying, a game-changer for a year-round spraying program.


The 12 high-definition video cameras are positioned every three metres, ten along the boom, and two mounted on either side of the front of the chassis.

The cameras are constantly looking 4 metres ahead, detecting weed shapes (not chlorophyll) this enables the system to detect weeds in crop. A real game-changer for using substantially less chemical all year round.

As the system relies on accurate information, the height of the boom is paramount to its performance. The cameras work most accurately at 1.5 metres from the target; therefore, a height controller is recommended for camera fitted sprayers.

Light Bars

The optional LED light bar is fitted below every camera, and the beam is angled to illuminate 4 meters in front of the boom at the point that the camera detects the weeds in crop. The light bar is essential if you are planning to spray in low light or night-time spraying.

Weedetect Display
Weedetect Display

An additional Weedetect display that runs independently from your ISOBUS controller, mounted in your cabin. This receives information from your ISOBus to calculate speed, distance to the target, and when to turn the nozzles on/off. You can select between two configurations, Green on Brown or Green on Green depending on your spraying program.

Crops that have now been evaluated include:

  • Sorghum.
  • Cotton.
  • Potatoes.
  • Wheat.
  • Barley.
  • Oats (cereals).
  • Canola and Lupins.
  • Broadleaf and Rye Grass weeds.
Cameras 36m system – 12 x high-definition cameras
Light Bars 12 x LED lights (Optional)
Boom widths up to 36m
Self-propelled sprayers The system can also be fitted to existing G6 & G8 sprayers that feature a centrifugal pump.

A centrifugal pump is needed to supply the system with constant flow.

Trailed sprayers At this stage the weededect system is not available to be fitted to trailing sprayers.

As the cameras are looking 4 meters ahead at all times to detect weeds the articulation of the tractor and sprayer do not support the accuracy the system requires.

Pricing The weedetect system can be done per hectare, annually or for green on brown as a permanent basis.


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