Flexible application

For two decades the Goldacres Three Tier (3TS) nozzle technology system has helped deliver consistent rates at varying speeds within the nozzle droplet spectrum.
Put simply the operator can maintain the target rate over a wide range of different speeds.
The 3TS system uses 2 nozzles working together to maintain the target rate and optimum nozzle pressure range.
Combine the 3TS system with RapidFire for instant nozzle on/off control and RapidFlow – boom recirculation technology and you have an effective, flexible and cost-efficient spraying system.

For the ultimate in flexibility Goldacres can also offer the latest 3TS Pro system.
The 3TS Pro secret is 3 nozzles all working together to maintain consistent pressure within the system and therefore consistent droplet size at all speeds. The new 3TS Pro system has a pressure differential of only 1.45 bar maximum, well within the tolerance of all nozzles.

Goldacres 3TS Pro maintains droplet size over a greater speed range and application rate all without leaving the cabin or touching a nozzle. 3TS Pro gives you genuine control and flexibility over your spraying. If you are constantly changing rates but want to keep your speed consistent, the 3TS Pro is for you. For example, you may want to apply 70 l/ha with your combination of 015 & 02 nozzles to give the overall capacity of an 035 nozzle (as per 3TS chart shown), then increase your rate in certain parts of the crop, other paddocks or even in the application of fertilisers.
In most cases, you would need to slow down to increase the rate as you would previously exceed the nozzle pressure range. With the additional nozzle, the 3TS Pro will automatically select the best nozzle combinations for your speed and rate while maintaining the working pressure range of the nozzles.

Stephen Richards, the Goldacres marketing manager explains, “3TS is the best-valued system in the industry, but the new 3TS Pro offers greater flexibility for operators who’re constantly changing products and rates”. The combination of 3 nozzles gives you up to 7 tiers and as an added bonus allows you to use all styles of nozzles safely, unlike some other systems available.

The real bonus for users is 3TS Pro addresses upcoming labelling changes to 2-4D allowing continued use safely.

According to Mr Richards, “the only time you’ll get out of a 3TS Pro equipped sprayer will be to open a gate or refill”.

The 3TS Pro is available on Goldacres trailing or self-propelled sprayers with 16 section boom control and Raven controller. 3TS Pro is available exclusively from Goldacres.

For further information contact Goldacres on 03 5342 6399