12, 15, 18, 21 & 24m – Delta Hydraulic Boom

The Delta boom range is ideal for growers looking to benefit from the proven stability and performance of the three-way suspension system in an economical package.

Designed for light to medium duty applications with widths ranging from 12m to 24m*, there is a size to suit every situation. Standard features include mild steel inner wings with lightweight aluminium outer wings, single operation boom folding system featuring the proven cable control with outer wing break back functionality, full size 3/4” boom lines to minimise pressure drop across the sections for consistent spray application and full hydraulic lift and fold.

Boom Suspension

Yaw dampeners

Dampeners & Springs are connected together either side of the pivoting boom centre section. As the centre yaws one dampener and spring is retracted, the other extended. The result is precise boom yaw control.

Roll centre point

The roll centre point is the location at which the boom pivots around, both in roll and yaw.

Roll dampeners – reduces high-frequency oscillation of the boom roll.

Delta links – The key to the superior boom ride is the strategically placed delta links. In all, there are four links. Each link features spherical ball ends which allow the centre to move in all directions.

3D Breakaway* – The optional end breakaway section protects the boom from stress damage if a ground, fence or tree strike occurs. The end section can break forwards, backwards and upwards. The spring mechanism uses an eccentric mounted sprocket and chain to provide maximum breakout force in the neutral position, then reduces the force the further the breakout.*can be fitted as an option.

Why do Goldacres booms ride so well?


Goldacres pioneered the use of lightweight aluminium in the outer boom wings over two decades ago. The philosophy was and still is today, that mass on a boom is fine so long as it is as close to the centre as possible. Reduced mass on the boom extremities reduces boom forces in both yaw and roll. This combined with the unique boom suspension results in a very stable boom ride, regardless of the terrain.

Delta booms are contour following, meaning that the boom level will be referenced to the sprayer chassis and not purely on gravity such as a pendulum boom. This allows the sprayer to transverse the sides of hills and contours whilst keeping the boom level to the ground at all times. This results in placing the nozzle at the optimum height above the target.

Available on these sprayers
Sprayer Tank Size Boom width Size
3PL (Medium Frame) 1200L 12, 15 & 18m
3PL (Large Frame) 1500, 1800 & 2000L 15, 18, 21 & 24m
Prairie Special (Small Frame) 1500, 2000, 2500 & 3000L 12, 15, 18, 21 & 24m
Prairie Special (Large Frame) 4000 & 5000L 18, 21 & 24m
Delta 3 way suspension system Standard
500mm nozzle spacing Standard
Boom plumbed in 3 sections Standard
3/4” Poly boom lines Standard
Adjustable nozzle brackets mounted behind boom frame for protection  Standard
Non-drip nozzle bodies Standard
Manual single sided fence line nozzle  Standard
Three-dimensional breakaways Option
Tri-jet nozzle bodies Option
Double-sided manual fence line jets Option
Single sided electric fence line jet Option
Double-sided electric fence line jet Option
Boom end protectors Option
Boom plumbed in 4 sections Option
Boom plumbed in 5 sections Option
Hydraulic boom wing tilt Option