G4 Crop Cruiser

The G4 Series Crop Cruiser self-propelled sprayer represents the very best technology in a package that is both simple and economical to operate.

It’s a formula that dates back almost two decades of self-propelled sprayer manufacturing know-how. In a class of its own with a combination of lightweight, high strength construction coupled with wide boom widths, the G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayer delivers high outputs, with low inputs.


High outputs with low inputs
High outputs with low inputs

The G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayers represent the very best technology in a package that is both simple and economical to operate.

Offering a full mechanical driveline and a combination of lightweight, high strength construction coupled with boom widths to 36m, the Crop Cruiser sprayers deliver high outputs with low inputs. Fuel usage figures as low as 9.6* litres per hour have been recorded over a combined 40 hours of use on a G4 Crop Cruiser fitted with the largest 36-metre boom.

The fuel efficiency of these machines is a direct result of the mechanical drive line allowing the Cummins engine and Allison automatic transmission to run at optimum efficiency with an average engine speed of just 1334 RPM. Lower operating RPM results in a less stressed driveline which greatly reduces maintenance and operating costs.

Goldacres self-propelled sprayers with a mechanical driveline system record some of the highest resale values on the market, further reducing the operators’ cost of ownership.

*Average RPM and fuel usage is taken from a G4 Crop Cruiser operating in the Western district of Victoria over a 40 hour period.

Barely leave a trace while still making your mark
Barely leave a trace while still making your mark

When Goldacres engineers set 
The latest model features an improved weight balance between front and rear axles to give a near perfect 50 / 50 weight split* helping to minimise soil compaction and better performance in wet conditions.
The combined result is minimal soil disturbance and the ability to get back on the ground sooner after rain events.
Clever design using a Cummins four-cylinder engine, an aluminium cased Allison transmission and mounting the main product tank directly into the chassis without the need for a tank cradle all significantly aid in the overall weight reduction, without sacrificing strength or reliability.
With a 4000L main tank, boom widths of up to 36m and tyre sizes as large as 480/80R46 and the option of mechanical direct 4 wheel drive system, combined with a low gross weight means the Crop Cruiser is virtually unstoppable in tough conditions.

*G4 Crop Cruiser fitted with 36m TriTech boom, 4WD and 50% tank capacity (weights may vary depending on specifications).

Premium cabin
Premium cabin

Long days and nights operating the sprayer can be demanding on the driver.

The Crop Cruiser features a premium cabin with essential features and comforts to get you through the big days.


  • Easy to use fully moulded operator side console featuring all sprayer function control switches, drink holder & storage area.

  • Automatic transmission selector.

  • Grammer air ride seat with adjustable armrest and seat belt.

  • Fold away passenger seat.

  • Climate controlled air conditioner and heater with active carbon filtration. Ducted overhead storage box for drinks.

  • Curved front and rear glass, full-length side glass and large front windscreen wiper.

  • Engine monitor.

  • Two way tilt adjustable and telescopic steering column.

  • Twin USB charge points plus 12v power take-off point for electronic accessories.

  • Pull down front blind.

  • Accessory mounting rail.

  • Bluetooth AM/FM radio.

Stylish roof design with forward and rear facing lights (not shown).

Control freaks
Control freaks

In today’s fast-changing precision farming landscape it is easy to be left behind in the technology stakes.

That’s why Goldacres make it easy, with multiple solutions from the basic requirements to the top end needs.
For more than two decades Goldacres have partnered with Raven to provide complete flow control systems with matched components to give unmatched flow control accuracy and stability.
At the heart of the control system is a positive displacement pump run at a consistent rpm. This creates constant flow rates across varying pressures, essential for accurate and stable flow control. In addition, a flow meter and three-way regulator valve, combine to help achieve fast “on target rate”, plus greater flow stability with assured tank agitation.

SCS4400 systems
The SCS4400 sprayer console provides accurate, fuss-free control of the liquid flow duties. The SCS4400 features up to 7 boom section control switches (expandable to 10), a manual pump speed readout, ground speed, three-tier system (3TS) as well as several counters such as area and volume. If you are looking to further expand the capabilities, then the SCS4400 is compatible with most leading automatic section controllers on the market.

ISO BUS systems
Sprayer cabins can get pretty busy with the vast range of systems requiring individual control consoles. The ISO BUS standard brings all the systems together into the one display, called a virtual terminal (VT). Essentially each system contains the brains, while the VT is simply the interface between the two. This means only one operator console is required. Goldacres offer the option for ISO BUS compatibility, allowing numerous leading VT displays to take over the sprayer control duties. Features like 3TS, pump speed readout, ultrasonic boom leveling plus sprayer steering and task control applications can all be monitored by the one display.

Performance on the ground
Performance on the ground

Just like its big brother the G6, the G4 Series Crop Cruiser shares the same chassis and mechanical driveline architecture, setting the benchmark in driving dynamics for many

The main chassis is a fully welded, torsionally rigid semi truss structure. This offers not only the best sprayer and boom ride but also the optimum balance between strength and weight. The five-link suspension featuring polyurethane bushed heavy duty torque rods, rear anti-sway bar and air springs on all four corners provide a stable, yet smooth ride. All this combined with the full mechanical drive line results in performance on the ground.

Available in 2WD and 4WD configurations. There is a model to suit all conditions.


  • Cummins Tier 3 QSB 4.5L – 4 cylinder engine rated to 119kw (160hp) and 622N.m (459 lb-ft). Compact yet powerful.
  • Allison 2500 series 5-speed transmission. Overdrive reduces engine RPM whilst still maintaining 50km/hr transport speed. Lock up clutches improve performance whilst dramatically reducing heat build-up and fuel usage.
  • Large vertically stacked cooling system for fuel, transmission, water jacket, charge air and air conditioning.
  • Over the Radiator (OTR) air cleaner system with twin stage filtration provides cool clean air to the engine.
  • Rear air lock differential** with inboard disc brakes.
  • Oil filled final drive drop leg with planet hub reduction puts the power to the ground.
  • Rear mounted exhaust system helps reduce in cabin noise.


  • Trussing of chassis in the centre provides maximum strength with minimum weight.
  • Integrated boom connection points. Non-flexing chassis provides a stable platform for boom control.
  • Large capacity oil tank situated above the hydraulic pumps. Oil level visible from driver’s seat.
  • 300L polyethylene fuel tank provides enough fuel for the longest spray days without the need to refuel.


  • 5 link (4 trailing and 1 pan hard rod) torque rods with a polyurethane bushing.
  • 42mm anti-sway bar reduces body roll without limiting individual wheel travel.


  • Oversize 110mm hard chromed steering kingpin front leg*** with a mechanical link between front wheels ensures correct steering Ackerman angles and alignment*.


  • 4 wheel disc brakes with twin air over hydraulic circuits provide powerful stopping in all situations (Rear brakes are mounted to differential outputs).

*On fixed track width versions only. Adjustable track sprayers feature individual steering cylinders
**Adjustable axle models feature open differential (no diff lock)
***2WD only. 4WD uses smaller diameter king pins.

The wet weather specialist

The Crop Cruiser is more versatile than ever with the option of full mechanical 4WD.

The 4WD system utilises a single speed transfer case with front axle disconnect, allowing the sprayer to be used as a 2WD sprayer, helping to reduce fuel usage. At the flick of a switch, the front axle can be engaged, providing an equal power split between front and rear axles. If the going gets really tough, then the rear differential lock feature can also be engaged. The 4WD Crop Cruiser really is the wet weather specialist.

4WD system

  • Two piece drive shaft transmission to transfer case.
  • Oil cooled transfer case with front axle disconnect.
  • Rubber isolator mounts to reduce vibration.
  • Driven front axle with internal drive shafts and double carden universal joints allows tight turns.
  • Rear axle differential with internal lock feature.
  • Front & rear drop-leg 1:1 ratio chain drive planetary hub 5.33:1 ratio with oil bath lubrication.
  • Transfer case to axle drive shafts.
A wheel track for every situation
A wheel track for every situation

The Crop Cruiser is our most versatile self-propelled sprayer with a wheel track to suit many broadacre & horticultural cropping applications.

Wheel track width requirements can vary significantly depending on crop types and geographic regions.

There are 5 configurations of axles available in addition to wheels and tyres.

Track width
380/90 R46 tyres 480/80 R46 tyres

Fixed narrow track
(2WD only)



Fixed wide track

(2WD or 4WD*)

2870mm or 2970mm with offset rims


Hydraulic adjustable narrow track on the move
(2WD** only)



Manual adjustable wide track
(2WD only)



Hydraulic adjustable track

An optional hydraulically adjustable axle providing a true 2000 to 3000mm wheel track is available.
Hydraulic track adjustment can be done on the move with a push of a button. Cylinders located inside the front and rear axles control the track width. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via multistage extendable drive shafts coupled to the droplegs to get the power to the ground.
No diff lock feature when this option is selected. Wheel track based on 380/40 R46 tyres, different width tyres may affect wheel track. Custom axle widths can be manufactured on request (2WD only).

Tight headlands, no worries
Tight headlands, no worries

The G4 Crop Cruiser has been designed to turn in very small headlands with the simplicity of a two-wheel steer configuration. The key in achieving this is the layout of the suspension system and open chassis design.

Axle type Tyre size Turning radius*

Hydraulic adjustable


380/80 R46

5000mm @2m^

4800mm @3m^

Fixed wide

2WD 3000mm


4WD 3000mm


Fixed narrow

2WD 2000mm




4400mm @3m^

4200mm @4m^

*Inside tyre measurement. ^Track setting

A sprayer is only as good as its boom
A sprayer is only as good as its boom

Today’s sprayers are full of bells and whistles which makes spraying a whole lot easier, comfortable and efficient. It’s easy to forget what the end goal is. Precise chemical application.
Boom control can be the difference between a good spray result, and no result at all. Goldacres understand this and it is why all our sprayer designs are centred around the boom first and foremost.
Why do Goldacres booms ride so well?
Goldacres pioneered the use of lightweight aluminium in the outer boom wings over two decades ago. The philosophy was, and still is today, that mass on a boom is fine so long as it is as close to the centre as possible. Reduced mass on the boom extremities reduces boom forces in both yaw and roll, this combined with the unique boom suspension results in a very stable boom ride, regardless of the terrain.
The TriTech boom is contour following, meaning that the boom level will be referenced to the sprayer chassis and not purely on gravity such as a pendulum boom. This allows the sprayer to transverse the sides of hills and contours whilst keeping the boom level to the ground at all times. This results in placing the nozzle at the optimum height above the target.

TriTech booms
TriTech booms

Strength, Stability, Reliability & Control.
The TriTech boom range is designed for operators who demand the utmost performance, reliability, and control. Time and time again the TriTech boom has been named “No.1 for boom stability”* which at the end of the day, results in a superior spray result.
Features such as hydraulic yaw which precisely controls the forwards and backward movement of the boom wings to minimise the under and over applying of chemical are now standard on all widths.
The strategically placed centre section suspension links help isolate the sprayer chassis movement over rough terrain. Combined with the tuned damping characteristics allows precise roll control enabling an optimal and consistent nozzle height to be maintained, even without the use of electronic height control systems.**
All TriTech booms are constructed using lightweight trussing techniques, which allows for a stronger design without weight, the enemy of boom agility.

*Kondinin group’s Farming Ahead magazine 2012, 2014 & 2017.
**Height control systems may be required in some extreme situations
^42m TriTech boom

Pitch, roll and yaw boom suspension
Pitch, roll and yaw boom suspension

Why is boom ride and stability so important?

A boom which bounces, sways or yaws deposits chemical unevenly on the target. This can result in weed escapes and may even contribute to resistant weeds.
The Goldacres TriTech suspension system has been developed to provide you with the best boom ride possible and assist in an accurate application. Working in conjunction with the chassis airbags three-way suspension that works to reduce boom pitch, roll and yaw – the three enemies of accurate application. A combination of springs and shock absorbers, as well as hydraulic cylinders and accumulators all work together to provide the best boom ride possible. The TriTech suspension system has contributed to Goldacres consistently having the best boom ride when measured against
competitor machines.

Hydraulic yaw – Two opposing hydraulic cylinders are mechanically connected together either side of the pivoting boom centre section.
As the centre yaws, one cylinder is retracted, the other is extended.
This results in oil movement which compresses in a nitrogen-charged accumulator. The result is precise boom yaw control.

Delta links – The key to the superior boom ride is the strategically placed delta links. In all, there are four links. Each link features spherical ball ends which allow the centre to move in all directions.
Roll centre point – The roll centre point is the location at which the boom pivots around, both in roll & yaw.
Roll dampeners – Reduces high-frequency oscillation of the boom roll.

Application technology
Application technology

Boom stability is only part of the chemical application story, optimum droplet sizing, pressure, nozzle flow rate and spray uniformity across the boom width are all critical to accurate chemical application.

Over the last several years there has been a greater shift to precision farming technologies, such as auto steering and automatic boom section control. Both of these technologies are aimed at reducing spray overlaps and unsprayed areas, the former potentially causing crop burning and overuse of chemical. Depending on the field size and shape the wastage can be quite substantial.
Goldacres have developed these practices further by introducing RapidFire air controlled nozzle shut off capability.
Traditional systems use motorised boom section valves to control water flow to the nozzles. Wider booms in conjunction with an increased number of spray sections means a substantial amount of plumbing is required, thus increasing the delay in spray on and off times. In addition, the further the nozzle is from the centre of the boom the longer the delay becomes. RapidFire overcomes these problems by putting the switching capability right at the nozzle.
Small airlines at each nozzle switch the flow on and off in a fraction of a second and more evenly across the boom width. Boom line plumbing is also greatly reduced, which quickens line priming and flushing as well as simplifies plumbing.

RapidFlow – Boom Recirculation
RapidFlow – Boom Recirculation allows the sprayer boom lines to be fully primed from the driver’s seat without spraying a single drop. This reduces wastage at the start of a tank load or when switching chemicals. RapidFlow can also be used to thoroughly flush out the boom lines without the need to physically spray on the ground.

Application technology - 3TS
Application technology - 3TS

Nozzle technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the years and a strong emphasis on drift control has influenced many nozzle designs, including air induction (AI) technology.
The spray nozzles operating pressure range and size determine the application rate and speed band at which the driver must adhere to. This band is usually quite narrow. To overcome this Goldacres offer a 3 tier system (3TS) which effectively gives the driver a much wider operating band whilst still maintaining optimum droplet size. Think of 3TS as a three-step gearbox. Each nozzle type has an operating pressure band for a given droplet size. As the first nozzle reaches the top of the pressure band it switches off and the next larger size nozzle switches on. When that nozzle reaches the top of that pressure band the first nozzle will switch on again, effectively giving three operating bands.

Chemical handling
Chemical handling

When your sprayer is sitting idle being reloaded with water and chemical it’s not making you money. That’s why Goldacres offer filling solutions that minimise the reload time to get
you back in the paddock sooner.

Options like fully integrated water and chemical transfer pumps, or fast fill 3” systems. Maybe a separate batching system to compliment your spraying program is of interest?

SuperFlow Chemical Induction Hopper
The SuperFlow chemical induction hopper is an integrated chemical transfer system that allows liquids, granular and powdered products to be measured and transferred into the main tank. The hopper has 60L capacity with both drum and internal rinsing capabilities. The high flow 2” venturi is mounted at the base of the hopper which draws the chemical into the water stream at that point, minimising the chance of blockages.

Water transfer pump
When you need to transfer water into the sprayer quickly and conveniently the optional hydraulically driven transfer pump is the answer. The pump is plumbed directly to the EZ control station and can distribute flow to not only the main tank but also rinse water tank, main tank flush sprinklers, hopper flush and micromatic coupler.

Operator safety and external controls
Today’s tough OH&S requirements are there to ensure everyone finishes the day as they started. Safe and well.
At Goldacres we not only take care of our own employees, but we ensure operators of our products are also looked after. Features such as the clearly labeled and colour coded EZ control station, well laid out connection points and valves at correct working heights, personal protective equipment (PPE) locker, hand washing, and empty container rinsing equipment just to name a few. External switches with protective covers allow the operator to increase engine RPM, switch on the transfer pump and control the main sprayer pump, all from ground level.

Liquid Chemical Transfer Systems
When large quantities of neat chemical need to be transferred into the sprayer from either a 1000L intermediate bulk container (IBC), 110L enviro drum or just a standard 20L drum then the chemical venturi probe or optional micromatic coupler can be used.
The micromatic coupler arrangement is a complete closed loop connection system that eliminates the chance of the operator coming into contact with the chemical.
The main sprayer pump is used to generate flow through a venturi, which creates a vacuum for the chemical to be drawn in. At no stage does the chemical come into contact with the pump and is therefore virtually a maintenance-free system.
If you require a separate system then a 12-volt chemical transfer pump and counter arrangement can be fitted. Both the probe and micromatic coupler can be used.

Ease of transport
Ease of transport

Whether you are spraying in the field or driving down the road, uninterrupted vision around the sprayer is essential for the safety of you and others.
Features like the flat folding boom wings so the operator’s line of sight is uninterrupted. Adjustable side mirrors provide a clear view of the road behind. Compact folded booms provides the operator with easy access to the cabin yet brings the overall transport width down to under 3.5m*, eliminating the need for an escort vehicle. Twin circuit, 4 wheel disc brakes fitted as standard if the unthinkable should happen. LED daytime running lamps, turn indicators, projector style halogen head lights and a rotating warning beacon round out the package. The Crop Cruiser really is one for the road.

Dimensions A (m) B (m) C (m) D (m) E (m)
24-33m TriTech boom 4.2 3.5* 8.5 3.82 1.4**
36m TriTech boom 4.2 3.5* 9.48 3.82 1.4**

*3.5m when 480/80R46 tyres fitted at wheel track 2970mm
**Clearance with 480/80R46 tyres


Wheel track measurements are dependent on tyre selection

Feature Description G4
Engine Cummins QSB 4.5L 4 cylinder, Tier 3 emission. 119kw (160hp), 622N.m (459lb-ft) Standard
Vertically stacked combi cooler package. Fuel, transmission, water jacket, charge air & air conditioning Standard
Transmission Allison 2500 series automatic. Mechanical selector, lock up torque converter, 5 forward & 1 reverse Standard
Drive system Differential with diff lock (non track width adjustable axles only). 3.33:1 ratio
5.3:1 ratio planet hub final drive leg with oil bath lubrication
2 wheel drive Standard
Full Mechanical Four Wheel Drive (4WD) using transfer box with fixed wheel track set to 2970mm Option
Steering 2 wheel front steering system with true Ackerman alignment* Standard
Trimble platform hydraulic steering kit Option
John Deere platform steering kit Option
Hydraulics 100L plastic reservoir with level & temperature gauge (visible from driver’s seat)
Double gear pump system. Oil cooler with thermostat
Tank mounted return filter
Electrical system LED front and rear mounted roof work lights Standard
12V – 160amp electrical capacity
Dual batteries with master isolator mounted under engine
Fully sealed connectors with colour coded wires used throughout the wiring harness
LED light bar Option
LED service lights Standard
Braking system Air over hydraulic twin circuit boosted system Standard
Transmission park brake Standard
4 Wheel disc brakes Standard
Chassis Fully welded semi truss rigid mild steel
200 x 100 x 6mm main rails
Suspension 5 link torque rods with rear sway bar. 4 x rolling lobe air springs with ride height levelling. Shock absorbers on all corners, front feature double knuckle for extreme axle articulation Standard
Paint system Grit blasted steel work followed by high build primer. All unwelded sections seam sealed
Wet top coat paint system with high temperature baked finish
Wheel Equipment 460/85R38 front and rear Standard
380/90R46 front & rear Option
480/80R46 front & rear Option
Axle tracks 2970mm fixed wheel track Standard
2000mm fixed wheel track Option
2000-3000mm hydraulically adjustable track Option
Mudguards 4 x full length axle mounted polyethylene mudguards Standard
4 x leading edge stainless steel crop deflectors Standard
Cabin Premium cabin with curved front and rear glass Standard
Dual tilt and telescopic steering column Standard
Air suspension seat with seat belt. Fully adjustable Standard
Training seat Standard
Accessory mounting rail on RHS Standard
Carbon filtration with positive cab pressurisation Standard
Bluetooth equipped radio Standard
Engine and Transmission diagnostic display Standard
Main cabin access Full length LHS access platform with auto folding ladder. Standard
Boom TriTech series flat folding boom. Mild steel inner wings with aluminium outer wings and breakaway. Available in the following widths. 24, 28, 30, 33 amp;& 36m. Option
Boom section valves in 7 sections Standard
RapidFire single line in 500mm spacing Option
3 tier system (3TS) Option
3 tier system PRO (3TS) Option
Trijet nozzle bodies Option
CrossFire 3TS (3TS capability with nozzles staggered every 250mm) Option
Extra boom sections available in 8, 9 or 10 Option
Custom nozzle spacing and configurations on request Option
Hydraulic wing tilt Option
Hydraulic bi-fold (TriTech booms only) Option
Hydraulic yaw system (TriTech booms only) Option
Automatic boom height control system (TriTech booms only) Option
Remote fence line jets Option
Spray control system Raven SCS4400 Standard
ISO BUS control system (no VT supplied) Option
Raven RCM Option
Norac Pulse display Option
Solution tanks UV stable Polyethylene heavy walled tank. Standard
Main tank – 4000L nominal (4150L actual capacity) Standard
Rinse tank – 300L side mount Standard
Wet sight tube mounted to tank Standard
Spray Pump 260 l/min, oil backed 6 diaphragm positive displacement. RPM readout Standard
Suction filter plus twin pressure filters Standard
Chemical handling and transfer Chemical suction probe Standard
60L induction hopper Standard
Electric chemical transfer pump Option
Micromatic rinse socket and coupler Option
3” integrated water transfer pump Option
3” separate front fill Option
3” separate side fill Option
Service / Maintenance Remote grease nipple bank Option
Auto grease system Option
Weight Tare weight** (kg) 9380
Gross weight** (kg) 14,000

*Fixed track only
**Weights are approx. and depend on options fitted

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