G4 Crop Cruiser Series 2

Introducing the latest G4 Crop Cruiser Series 2, boasting enhanced comfort, increased power & superior spraying performance.

  • 4000L tank capacity. TriTech boom sizes up to 36m.
  • More comfort – less noise. Claas cabin combined with a mechanical driveline provides the quietest spraying environment on the market. 65.5 Db
  • More spraying – less time filling. G-Hub – Goldacres integrated intuitive system and Fast Fill for more time spraying and less time filling.
  • More power – less fuel usage. Cummins B Series engine producing 200 hp, 6 speed Allison auto with mechanical drive for unmatched efficiency.
  • More adaptable – less crop damage. Multiple wheel track options available, lightest mid-sized self-propelled sprayer on the market

The sprayer is one of the most utilised items of equipment on the farm today. Long hours day after day, place plenty of demand on the operator to get the spraying program completed.
The G4 Crop Cruiser Series 2 cabin makes it all possible, with features like:

  • Seven way adjustable seat.
  • Adjustable side console with G-Hub and G-Motion joystick.
  • Automatic climate control air-conditioning system with carbon filter.
  • An adjustable steering column ensures operators can find the optimal seating position.
  • Padded training seat with seatbelt.
  • Narrow profile four post frame with external truss Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS).
  • Double-skinned rear wall and extensive sound-deadening provide a strong, yet peaceful uninterrupted view of the job at hand.
Cabin side console
Cabin side console

An intuitive side console enables the operator to easily control all vital sprayer functions.

The G-Motion® joystick puts the sprayer control into the palm of your hand. This controls all boom raise / lower, boom tilts, cruise control, fenceline jets & autosteer functions. For ease of use all boom fold functions are positioned next to the G-Motion joystick.

The G-Hub controls and monitors all critical machine functions and packages it all into one easy-to-use fully integrated system.

G-Hub – Goldacres integrated system

  • Displays drivetrain and sprayer information.
  • Full system diagnostics.


  • 3 modes of Cruise Control – Classic, variable & 2 speed.
  • Boom height and spray operation.
  • GPS Auto Steer.

Boom folding functions

  • Boom lift.
  • Boom fold.
  • Bi-fold (If optioned).

USB charger

Transmission selector

  • Push button selector.

Driveline functions

  • Spray / Road mode.
  • Cruise Master.
  • Spray / Road mode.
  • Centre transfer case lock


  • Padded arm rest.
  • Lifts to reveal large storage area
G-Hub – Goldacres Integrated System
G-Hub – Goldacres Integrated System

Intuitive & easy to use system with onboard diagnostics.

The G-Hub system comprises a cabin display, external display, PLC (programmable logic controller), I/O (input/output) modules, sensors, and switches to control and monitor all critical machine functions and packages it all into one easy-to-use fully integrated system.

The G-Hub communicates seamlessly with most leading steering and mapping providers using the ISO BUS protocol for steering and section control.

On-board diagnostics allows operators to quickly pinpoint problems without the need for laptops specialised service tools or internet connections, thus minimising downtime.

G-Hub cabin display features:

  • Low profile 12” full-colour touch display. Situated into the operator side console without restricting external vision.
  • The home screen is segmented into two screens.
    1. Drivetrain information and
    2. Sprayer information.
  • On-board sprayer diagnostics.
  • Manual boom section control.
  • Classic, variable, and 2-speed Cruise Control.
  • Rear camera view.
  • Virtual controls.
You've been handed a G-Motion™
You've been handed a G-Motion™

Comfortable, adjustable and intuitive.

The G-Motion™ handle literally puts the sprayer control into the palm of your hand. Functions such as: Individual boom wing tilt, dual boom wing tilt, main boom lift/lower, fence line L/R, auto steer cancel/resume, cruise control set/resume and increase/decrease, master spray on/off mean all spraying operations can be done without moving your hand from the G-Motion™ handle.

  1. Cruise Set / Increase
  2. Cruise Resume / Decrease
  3. Cruise Cancel
  4. Boom Master On / Off
  5. Tilt Right Up  /  Tilt Left up  /  Tilt Right Down  / Tilt Left Down
  6. Boom Lift  / Left Fence Nozzle  /  Right Fence Nozzle  /  Boom Lower
  7. GPS Auto Steer
  8. Dual Tilt-Up (Behind)
  9. Dual Tilt-Down (Behind)
Variable cruise control

Cruise Control
Three modes of operation. Classic, variable and 2-speed.

  • Classic cruise control is our traditional system where the operator simply drives to the desired speed and presses the set button. The cruise speed can be cancelled and resumed at any time. Goldacres, Allison and Cummins have worked extensively together to improve the stability of the system in varying ground conditions to reduce hunting and improve speed stability.
  • Variable cruise is a new mode where the operator can set a spray speed (High) and a headland speed (Low). The joystick is then either pushed forward or pulled back to infinitely vary the speed in between these two settings.
  • 2-speed mode works very similar to the variable except the sprayer is either operating at the low or high speed, there is no infinite speed setting in between.
Control freaks
Control freaks

In today’s fast-changing precision farming landscape it is easy to be left behind in the technology stakes.

That’s why Goldacres makes it easy, with multiple solutions from the basic requirements to the top-end needs.
For more than 2 decades Goldacres have relied on Raven to provide complete flow control systems with matched components to give, quite simply, unmatched flow control accuracy and stability.
At the heart of the control system is a positive displacement pump which runs at a consistent rpm. This creates known flow rates across varying pressures, essential for accurate and stable flow control. In addition, two system-critical components, a flow meter and a three-way regulator valve combine to help achieve fast “on target rate”, plus greater flow stability with known tank agitation.

ISOBUS systems
Sprayer cabins can get pretty busy with the vast range of systems requiring individual control consoles. The ISO BUS standard brings all the systems together into one display, called a virtual terminal (VT). Essentially each system contains the brains, while the VT is simply the interface between the two. This means only one operator console is required. Goldacres offer the option for ISO BUS compatibility, allowing numerous leading VT displays to take over the sprayer control duties. Features like 3TS, pump speed readout, ultrasonic boom levelling plus sprayer steering, and task control applications can all be monitored by the one display.

Raven RCM

The G4 Crop Cruiser Series 2 is fitted with the Raven Control Module (RCM). The RCM features dual nodes which enable 2 screens to be used simultaneously, 16 boom section control, remote diagnostics via Bluetooth and 3TS Pro (36m boom only) compatibility.

TriTech Booms
TriTech Booms

Proven Performer with the option of Rapid Fire, Rapid Flow & 3TS

Boom sizes in the model line-up are 24, 28, 30, 33 & 36 meters.

Boom control can be the difference between a good spray result, and no result at all. Goldacres understand this and it is why all our sprayer designs are centred around the boom first and foremost.
Goldacres pioneered the use of lightweight aluminium in the outer boom wings over two decades ago.

The philosophy was and still is today that mass on a boom is fine so long as it is as close to the centre as possible. Reduced mass on the boom extremities reduces boom forces in both yaw and roll. This combined with the unique boom suspension results in a very stable boom ride, regardless of the terrain.

TriTech booms are contour following, meaning that the boom level will be referenced to the sprayer chassis and not purely on gravity such as a pendulum boom. This allows the sprayer to transverse the sides of hills and contours whilst keeping the boom level to the ground at all times. This results in placing the nozzle at the optimum height above the target.

Strength, Stability, Reliability & Control.
Strength, Stability, Reliability & Control.

The TriTech boom range is designed for operators who demand the utmost performance, reliability and control. Time and time again the TriTech boom has been named “No.1 for boom stability”* which at the end of the day, results in a superior spray result.

Features such as hydraulic yaw which precisely controls the forward and backwards movement of the boom wings to minimise the under and over applying of chemicals are now standard on all widths.
The strategically placed centre-section suspension links help isolate the sprayer chassis movement over rough terrain. Combined with the tuned damping characteristics allows precise roll control enabling an optimal and consistent nozzle height to be maintained, even without the use of electronic height control systems (optional)

All TriTech booms are constructed using lightweight trussing techniques, which allows for a stronger design without weight, the enemy of boom agility.

Application technology - RapidFlow
Application technology - RapidFlow

Boom stability is only part of the chemical application story, optimum droplet sizing, pressure, nozzle flow rate and spray uniformity across the boom width are all critical to accurate chemical application

RapidFlow – Boom Recirculation* allows the sprayer boom lines to be fully primed without spraying a single drop. This reduces wastage at the start of a tank load or when switching chemicals. RapidFlow can also be used to thoroughly flush out the boom lines without the need to physically spray on the ground.

  1. Bank to main tank
  2. Electric ball valve
  3. Nozzle body with RapidFire

*RapidFire is not compatible with Direct Chemical Injection (DCI)

Application Technology - 3TS
Application Technology - 3TS

Nozzle technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the years and a strong emphasis on drift control has influenced many nozzle designs, including air induction (AI) technology

The spray nozzles operating pressure range & size determine the application rate and speed band at which the driver must adhere to. This band is usually quite narrow. Goldacres offer a 3 tier system (3TS) which effectively gives the driver a much wider operating band whilst still maintaining optimum droplet size.

The 3TS system effectively enables the operator to maintain a specific rate across a much wider speed range while delivering a consistent droplet size within the nozzle pressure range.

Think of 3TS as a three-step gearbox. Each nozzle type has an operating pressure band for a given droplet size. As the first nozzle reaches the top of the pressure band it switches off and the next larger size nozzle switches on. When that nozzle reaches the top of that pressure band the first nozzle will switch on again, effectively giving three operating bands.
The table below shows the pressure variations of two common nozzles, 015 & 02 operating at 70 l/ha through their respective pressure ranges from 7 km/h through to 27 km/h.

Application Technology - 3TS Pro
Application Technology - 3TS Pro

3TS Pro – the ultimate control and flexibility without leaving the cab.
The 3TS Pro is essentially our 3TS system with an added nozzle to give a wider range of operating spray rates without manually changing jets.

If you are constantly changing rates but want to keep your speed consistent, the 3TS Pro is for you.

For example, you may want to apply 70l/ha with your combination of 015 & 02 nozzles to give the overall capacity of an 035 nozzle (as per 3TS chart shown), then increase your rate in certain parts of the crop, other paddocks or even in the application of fertilisers.
In most cases, you would need to slow down to increase the rate as you would previously exceed the nozzle pressure range. With the additional nozzle, the 3TS Pro will automatically select the best nozzle combinations for your speed and rate while maintaining the working pressure range of the nozzles.


The G4 Crop Cruiser Series 2 model can now be optioned with Weedetect green on green weed detection spraying system.

The system is available with booms up to and including 36m, with cameras are positioned every three metres and detects weeds at spraying speeds of up to 20kms. Weed detection camera technology provides substantial chemical savings as opposed to blanket spraying, a game-changer for a year-round spraying program.

Boom height control
Boom height control

Raven AutoBoom XRT – Radar boom height sensing technology

  • The height sensors are radar-based and enable a large height measurement range, they can detect both ground and crop canopy and are less affected by spray drift, dust and mud. The sensors are also very compact, allowing easy fitment along the boom.
  • The Raven XRT system uses sensors to monitor the sprayer chassis rate of roll, the boom centre position relative to the chassis as well as boom wing tilt angle. These sensors allow the computer to predict how the boom will react well before the radar sensors even see the change in boom height. The end result is a more stable boom in uneven terrain.
  • The centre section has variable rate dampeners to stiffen the centre section roll action which allows the boom wing tilts to be operated much faster without effecting the boom stability.
  • The XRT operating status is displayed on the G-Hub internal screen.
G-Hub - external filling and cleaning system
G-Hub - external filling and cleaning system

Simply enter the desired tank volume, connect the fill hose and the G-Hub system will automatically shut off when fill volume is met.

Featuring a full colour 4.3” screen and button panel to control filling the main product and rinse tanks with the push of a button. Located on the left hand side, the screen and button panel are conveniently mounted central on the chemical induction panel which positions the controls at the operator’s ideal location. The PLC is located inside the storage compartment to the left of the induction hopper and provides diagnostic lights to assist troubleshooting. Functions such as activating tank agitation, rinse and rinse tank fill carry over the “Flip Lever” valves providing a familiar feel for previous G4 owners.

Fast Fill
Fast Fill

Simplified controls & increased capacities.

The operator workstation area and fill system has been totally redesigned to dramatically reduce sprayer refill times (more than twice the fill rate of the previous model). In addition the new system offers many more features whilst still retaining its easy-to-use philosophy.

induction hooper
60L Chemical Induction Hopper
The chemical induction hopper is an integrated chemical transfer system that allows liquids, granular and powdered products to be measured and transferred into the main tank. The hopper has 60L capacity with both drum and internal rinsing capabilities. The high flow 3” venturi is mounted at the base of the hopper which draws the chemical into the water stream at that point, minimising the chance of blockages.
A chemical venturi probe can be connected to the induction hopper to draw chemicals into the hopper.

Operator safety and external controls
Today’s tough OH&S requirements are there to ensure everyone finishes the day like they started. Safe and well. At Goldacres we not only take care of our own employees, but we ensure operators of our products are also looked after. Clearly labelled Fast Fill control station, well laid out connection points and valves at correct working heights, personal protective equipment (PPE) locker, hand washing and empty container rinsing equipment just to name a few. External switches with protective covers allow the operator to increase engine RPM, switch on the transfer pump and control the main sprayer pump, all from ground level.

Spray pump
A choice of two different spray pumps can be fitted. A Udor Zeta 260 l/min pump now featuring Greentech diaphragms for increased life. The diaphragm pump provides constant flow rates regardless of spray pressure. Tests have shown that flow rates of 220 l/min out the boom is now possible, which equates to 100 l/ha @ 35 km/hr with a 36m boom (nozzle dependant).
The second pump is a high-flow centrifugal pump, flow rates of 400 l/min @8 bar are achievable with this pump. Both pumps feature rpm and run dry sensors which are displayed on the G-Hub cabin display.

3″ product tank filling point
A single point connection, all flow is measured through this point using the automated tank filling features.

Micromatic rinse socket (optional)

Fill pump (optional)
A Hypro 3” transfer pump is now an option. This pump combined with high-flow plumbing provides flow rates of up to 1150 l/min. Mounted above the pump outlet is a pressure transducer and electric 3” ball valve which is used by the G-Hub system to control both the fill rate and tank level soft shut off.

Chemical transfer pump (optional)
A 12-volt Sotera chemical transfer pump is now available as an option. This pump is plumbed to pump liquid chemicals directly into the main product tank or the induction hopper if you want to measure the chemical volume more accurately.

Feature Description
Engine • Cummins 4.5L, 200 hp, 780 Nm of torque, Tier 2 Std
Cooling • Vertically stacked combi cooler package. Fuel, transmission, water jacket, charge air and air conditioning. Std
Transmission • Allison 2100 series automatic. Push button selector, lock up torque converter, 6 forward & 1 reverse. Std
Drive System • 2WD Std
• 4WD Opt
Fuel tank • 375L Std
Steering • 2 wheel front steering system with true Ackerman alignment.
• Danfoss steer by wire, auto steer ready.
Hydraulics • 100L polyamide reservoir with level & temperature sensors.
• Single variable displacement pump 90 cc /rev.
• Rear mount oil cooler with thermostat, pressure bypass and fan reverse.
• 1 x pressure filter, 1 x tank mounted return filter.
Electrical system • 12V – 200amp electrical capacity.
• Dual batteries with master isolator.
• Fully sealed connectors with colour coded wires used throughout the wiring harness.
Lighting • 6 x LED cabin lights.
• 3 x LED service lights and side lights.
• LED beacons.
• LED light bar for lower bonnet, upper cabin and blue boom LED’s. Opt
Braking system • Air over hydraulic.
• 4 wheel disc.Transmission mounted park brake.
Chassis • Fully welded semi truss rigid mild steel.
• 200 x 100 x 6mm main rails.
Suspension • 5 link torque rods with rear sway bar. 4 x rolling lobe air springs with ride height levelling. Shock absorbers on all corners, front feature double knuckle for extreme axle articulation Std
Paint system • Grit blasted steel work followed by high build primer.
• All unwelded sections seam sealed.Wet top coat paint system with low temperature baked finish.
Wheel Equipment • 16mm pressed centre, 10 studs on 335mm PCD (min 16mm). Std
• 460/85R38 Std
• 380/90R46 Opt
Axle tracks • Axle track widths are dependent on tyre width selected
• 2m and 3m fixed.
• 2-3m adjustable (hydraulic).3-4m adjustable (manual).
Mudguards • 4 x full length axle mounted polyethylene mudguards. Std
Deflectors • 4 x leading edge stainless steel crop deflectors. Std
• Crop dividers for front wheels.
• Crop dividers for rear wheels.
Cabin • Claas X10 ROPS approved cabin with suspension and air-condition climate control.
• Dual tilt and telescopic steering columnAir suspension seat with seat belt. Fully adjustable.Training seat with seat belt.Accessory mounting rail on RHS
• Carbon filtration with positive cab pressurisation
• Bluetooth equipped radio and UHF with high gain antennas
• Cooling module for storage compartment under training seat Opt
Main cabin access • Full length LHS access platform with auto folding ladder. Hydraulically adjustable width LHS boom rest for ease of access and convenient road transport. Rubber dampened hand rail. Std
TriTech booms 24, 28, 30, 36m • Mild steel inner wings with aluminum/steel outer wings & breakaway.
• RapidFire single line in 250mm spacing.RapidFlow boom recirculation.3TS.Hydraulic yaw system.Remote fence line jets (both sides).Hydraulic wing tilt.
• 3TS Pro (36m only)
• Raven Hawkeye PWM with turn compensation – 36m only.Trijet nozzle bodies.Custom nozzle spacing and configurations on request.Hydraulic bi-fold.XRT automatic boom height control system.
Control system • G-Hub – Goldacres Integrated System.
• ISOBus control system using Raven RCM (CR7 separate VT Option).
Solution tanks • Main tank – 4000L. UV stable Polyethylene heavy walled tank
• Rinse tank – 300L side mount.Electronic tank level measurement.
Spray Pump • 260 l/min, oil backed 6 diaphragm positive displacement. RPM readout
• Suction filter with electric switching.Manual clean pressure filter.
• High flow centrifugal pump Opt
Chemical handling & transfer • 3” side fill with twin points with auto shut-off
• 60L induction hopper.
• Chemical suction probe via Sotera chemical pump. Micromatic rinse socket and coupler.
• 3” integrated water transfer pump.3” separate front fill direct to tank.
Service / Maintenance • Remote grease nipple bank Std
• Auto grease system. Opt
Turning circle • 4.8m radius (2-3m adjustable track measured to inside of back wheel).
Tare weight • Rinse tank, fuel tank and product tank empty. 10,995 kgs*
Gross weight • Rinse tank, fuel tank and product tank full. 15,550 kgs*
Weight distribution • Front / Rear split weight with boom open, full tank of fuel with product and rinse tank full. 42/58%

*Weights based on 4000L 36m boom 2-3m are approx. and depend on options fitted

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