Marolex pump-up foamer – 3-7L

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Foam applicator, the ultimate cleaning tool. Change the density of the foam through three interchangeable inserts.

Axel 3000 features:

  • 3L tank
  • Pressure relief valve

Axel 7000 features:

  • 7L tank
  • Stainless lance with a carry strap and handle
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6 reviews for Marolex pump-up foamer – 3-7L

  1. ILYAS OCAL (verified owner)

    I purchased the 3L Marolex foamer a year ago and so far it has been doing great. I use it to apply P&S Brake Buster to my car tyres every week; I just leave the chemical in the bottle and it doesn’t damage the foamer. The choice of nozzles definitely helps and the nozzle storage compartment is also a good idea.
    Great product, recommended.

  2. Dang (verified owner)

    Im a mobile car detailer using this for the wheels and tyres with P&S brake buster. The Marolex pump up foamer works great! Foams very nicely and comes with different foam nozzles for foam consistency. Build quality is solid.

  3. Bernard T (verified owner)

    I purchased the 3L Marolex foamer just under a month ago for the same reason as @ILYAS OCAL’s. I clean my tyres and rims every week, and the way it applies the foam is more than adequate!

    This price is also great value for money for the more enthusiast detailers. Highly recommended!

  4. Russell Swinn

    I use the Axel 3000 to foam all purpose cleaner and car wash products. It produces good foam and is really useful cleaning engine bays as the foam doesn’t carry excessive water.

  5. George R (verified owner)

    I bought the Marolex Axel 3000 pumper mid last year. It’s on car wash duties and going great. A quality product. Delivery was super quick too.

  6. Scott Whittingham (verified owner)

    I was looking for a portable pump-up foamer for detailing my cars in 2020. I did some research online & found the Marolex Axel 3L foamer had some reviews that were very favourable as a quality product for my intended uses. So I purchased 2, 1 for detailing my engine bay & other delicate areas & 1 for cleaning wheels & tyres. These foamers have achieved my expectations for making my car detailing way better than I had hoped. I’m glad I made the choice to purchase these Marolex pump-up foamers which were supplied by Goldacres with quick delivery time.

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