Raven Hawkeye®

The Hawkeye HD Nozzle Control System is a pressure-based product control system which allows for precise sprayer application in a variety of conditions, reducing spray drift and getting the most out of every nozzle.
Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual pulsing valve giving you a consistent spray pattern as speed and conditions change.
The Hawkeye System is built on the ISOBUS communication platform which allows it to work with ISO Task Controllers, including the Viper® 4+. Hawkeye has also been tested for shock, vibration, impact, and weather resistance in rugged terrain and extreme temperatures. Its durability is unparalleled.

Benefits & Features

  • Precise application rate in a variety of conditions
  • Consistent coverage
  • Wide speed range
  • Ability to manage drift and off-target applications
  • Accurate droplet size and placement
  • Nozzle-by-nozzle turn compensation standard
  • Extended range out of each nozzle
  • Blended pulse application
  • Mapping and data logging of each nozzle for more accurate record-keeping
  • Adjustable pressure on the fly including 2 preset pressures
    – Provides individual nozzle on/off with a simple software unlock, no change in hardware required
    – Reduces costly skips or overlaps
    – Individual nozzle shut-off
Compatible Sprayers
Sprayer Compatible
G6 Crop Cruiser
G8 Crop Cruiser