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The Goldacres Squirt is a 12-volt rechargeable trolley sprayer with a tank capacity of 30 litres, fitted with a powerful 3.5 l/min 12-volt pump delivering 70 psi of spraying pressure.

The Squirt is easy to wheel with its large diameter rubber wheels and is well balanced with all weight down low for stability. The pump features a pressure switch so it only runs while you pull the trigger, and spray pattern is easily adjusted from a straight stream to a fan from the nozzle.

Just a note to say how extremely pleased and satisfied I am with my Squirt Weed Sprayer. Yes, purchased in 2019 and still going strong, after much extensive usage.

Over the years I have purchased many individual brands of sprayers, that now lay broken and dormant in my garden shed, this little beauty has literally murdered thousands of weeds.
In this my garden and the neighbouring gardens.

Congratulations on producing such a wonderful product.

Kindest regards,

Norm Neilson.

Typical uses

Features 30L
Garden spraying
Orchid spraying
Vegetable spraying
Horticultural spraying
Weed control
Pest control
Industrial spraying
Municipal spraying
Specialised cleaning
Inoculant spraying
Fertiliser application
Water transfer



30 litre rotationally moulded UV resistant polyethylene tank.


Sight tube
Sight tube

Easily calibrate your chemical mix with 5L increments along the back of the tank.

Telescopic lance
Telescopic lance

A telescopic lance is fitted with a lockable trigger along with an adjustable spray nozzle.

Re-charge point
Re-charge point

Pump and fully sealed battery are protected by a stainless steel backing plate with voltage meter and sealed on off switch. Battery life between charging is up to 8 hours of continuous use with a recharge time of 4 hours.

Dimensions & weight
Dimensions & weight
Height Width Length Weight
870mm 415mm 370mm 14kg

Feature Description
Tank capacity 30 litres
Power 12 volt rechargeable
Pump 3.5 litre per minute
Working pressure 70 psi
Hose length 3 metres
Spray gun Telescopic lance
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24 reviews for Squirt – 30L

  1. Chris Mills (verified owner)

    A well-built unit and ideal for our property that has about 1.5-2 acres of gardens. Much easier to handle than a heavy back-pack but larger than our Ryobi portable unit that was running out of poison (and battery juice) within a few minutes.
    Prompt & efficient follow-up service when we had a minor post-sales issue.
    Good work all round!

  2. Bron (verified owner)

    Nice and stable and solid. Better for back then a back pack. There is a depth indicator which is necessary because you can’t see through the green. The charge held well. Only thing I think it needs is an inbuilt water filter to help prevent blockages . I have purchased a little sieve to ensure no debris enters the wand. .

  3. Jeff Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    Excellent product, exactly as described. Very sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. Shipping was fast and efficient. Cannot recommend this highly enough!

  4. Steven Barb (verified owner)

    Perfect. Easy to use. Sturdy, great communication from the company & fast service. Highly recommended

  5. Robyn (verified owner)

    This product was easy to handle and use. The lasts a good while. Perfect for our 1.5 acre block full of weeds. Fast delivery.

  6. Cherie (verified owner)

    Fathers Day present and hubby loves it! We have 3 acres and the large tank, long hose, plus the electric pump action makes spraying so much more easier. The only downside is the handle is a little short for him, an extendable option would be great.

  7. Ron Jackson (verified owner)

    Great sprayer makes the job easy not having to carry , pump and refill as often. Quick delivery , very happy . Thank you

  8. Trish Payne (verified owner)

    This is the best garden spray unit that I have had the pleasure to use. It is so so easy, nice big wheels that don’t tip over. Easy charging, easy to fill and clean. Being small I find the handle perfect height to pull around. The jet from the spray is powerful and makes a large area a breeze to spray. Jt an all round excellent product.

  9. cbfeath (verified owner)

    Friendly staff, prompt efficient service. A quality product that does a great job. Thank you

  10. danieljohnson

    Excellent unit. Never had an issue with it and have lent it out to my friends who were equally impressed.

  11. Leanne Walker (verified owner)

    Great sprayer.Easy to use.

  12. Kelvyn Kruger (verified owner)

    needs a longer handle & a protective cover over the suction elbow underneath as it broke the first time we used it & hard to repair.

  13. Maree Jaeschke

    We are a long time user of the Goldacres Squirt, had one since they were first released. They are easy to use and pull around, easy to maintain and charge.
    An excellent piece of equipment.

  14. Trish Payne (verified owner)

    I love this little machine. So easy to use, robust and reliable, easy to fill and easy to pull around the yard, soft or hard ground. Best sprayer I have ever had the pleasure of using and I have used a bucket load over the years. Excellent quality and solid.

  15. John Difalco (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service, well built quality unit. Long lasting battery and a comfortable sprayer to use and wheel around. Very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this product and company. Thanks for your service.

  16. david (verified owner)

    excellent item , used many times ,makes the job so much easier to do , not having to carry a backpack sprayer.on a large 2acre lot capacityof tank is perfect

  17. Larry Adams (verified owner)

    I have put my squirt sprayer to good use by spraying Tristania trees in my street for insect pests and lillipillies in my yard for scale. All the trees are quite established and the sprayer’s extendable lance was able to reach all the foliage with a good spray pressure and spread. This product does all that I need and is a winner. Totally recommend squirt for those with serious spraying needs. It ticks all the boxes.

  18. Warren Cowan (verified owner)

    At 80 years, I needed something better than a back pack. The Squirt is a godsend. Have used it just the once so far – excellent. Sprayed a full 30 litre tank non-stop with constant pressure throughout. I have espaliered citrus and stone fruit – always requiring spraying – and the Squirt is a blessing. Delivery was super-quick – order one day, here the next. Excellent and responsive sales team.

  19. Owen (verified owner)

    Terrific little bit of gear. We have a small rural block and use this in the garden + around the shed, driveway etc. Great value. Easy to use. Enough capacity to do a good job on a couple of acres. Very good quality. Would give 5 stars if the wheels were a bit more sturdy or if the Squirt was a bit higher to suit my tall frame!

  20. Alinjarra Primary School

    Use a Squirt 30 for weed control and its saved us hours of work every month. Great product and very easy company to buy from with fantastic support.

  21. Mark Lawry (verified owner)

    This is an excellent device! 30 L goes a long way and it is much more user-friendly than a backpack which only holds half the amount of spray. We do have a steep and fairly rugged property; the only comment that I could make is perhaps larger wheels would make it easier to manoeuvre. However, for most situations this would not be an issue.

  22. Roger Cameron (verified owner)

    Great sprayer, far superior than others I have used in the past. Great customer service with helpful and friendly staff. I am a highly satisfied repeat customer

  23. Jeff Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    I have been a proud user of the Squirt for a couple of years now, and it is working as perfectly today as the first time I initially charged the sprayer.

    One charge does all my spraying requirements for the house (weed control on paths etc.) and the lance is excellent.

    I would highly recommend the Squirt to all!!

  24. Ross Jensen (verified owner)

    This is a great machine!
    It is small enough to use around home and a large enough tank to use at our industrial premises.
    The pump pushes the product out quite quickly so you can keep moving on the job.
    We’ve even used it for Covid-19 sanitising indoors!
    An extra meter or two on the hose would be great, otherwise it’s hard to fault.

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