T3 Sprayer – 300L

Designed to suit most RTV vehicles, the T3 is your personal weed terminator, equipped with a 300L product tank, Honda GX120 engine coupled to a 20 l/min 290 psi spray pump.

Great for high-pressure spot spraying duties or can be used with a small boom, the compact dimensions make it suitable for many tray back applications. The unit features a 30m hose reel and spray gun with an adjustable nozzle and 2-way controller with a pressure regulating valve.

Typical uses

Features 300L
Broadacre spraying
Rowcrop spraying
Vegetable spraying
Horticultural spraying
Weed control
Pest control
Industrial spraying
Municipal spraying
Specialised cleaning
Inoculant spraying
Fertiliser application
Fire Fighting
Water transfer

Controller & Pump
Controller & Pump

Fitted with a 2 way manual controller and a Udor Iota 20 l/min diaphragm 290 psi pump.


A suction filter with 50 mesh screen and shut off valve is fitted to enable cleaning without losing the contents of the tank.

Spray Gun
Spray Gun

TeeJet AA30L pistol grip spray gun with adjustable nozzle and tough construction.

30m Hose Reel
30m Hose Reel

Water / chemical, steel housing, 30m hose length, 3/8” hose diameter, 300 psi / 20 bar max pressure, fitted with pistol grip gunjet.


The sleek tank design features smooth internal surfaces for easy decontamination and is made of a UV resistant polypropylene to ensure a long trouble free life.


Fitted with reliable Honda GX120 pull start.

Dimensions Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) weight (kg)
300L 765 1168 853 102

Feature 300L
Engine Honda GX120
Pump 20 l/min diaphragm 290 psi
Gun Pistol grip gun adjustable nozzle
Hose reel 30 metres
Frame RHS construction
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