Super Cruiser Spreader - G10s

G10s Spreader Overview

The all new G10s Super Cruiser represents a major milestone in terms of capacity and performance. With a 10 cubic metre specialised fertiliser spreader.

G10s - Fertiliser spreading made easy

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled Spreader built to last

When Goldacres designers started work on the all new Super Cruiser range they knew that there was a gap in the market for a dedicated fertiliser spreading machine with a true 3000mm wheel track.

To help pull the project together Goldacres partnered with Australia’s leading manufacturer of mounted spreader bodies in the demanding contractor segment, Southern Spreaders. The team at Southern Spreaders bring more than 25 years of experience to the spreading industry, both as contractors and manufacturers. Based in Ballarat with a team of over 20 staff, comprising of designers, purchasing, sales, service and trades people all sharing a passion for a common goal.

Spread the word

Looking from the outside making a fertiliser spreader body looks straightforward. It’s not until you dig a little deeper that it soon becomes apparent that it most certainly is not. There are many variables, such as product feed out rate, spinner speed, shape and height, drop point within the spinner and bin side angle just to name a few. The team at Southern Spreaders know how to manipulate all the variables to produce a spreader with a wide and consistent spread pattern. So spread the word.


Specifically designed for the Goldacres Super Cruiser. The Southern Spreader 800 series bin takes into consideration the weight balance on both axles and overall bin height to aid loading and cab visibility.

The bin is manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel in varying thickness from 3mm to 12mm with built in structural members. The Goldacres Super Cruiser has a fully welded rigid chassis, which provides an excellent frame to mount the bin. The elimination of flexing will ensure the bin sees many years of trouble free work without cracking. All welded joints are fully pickled and acid washed to reduce corrosion.

The best Europe has to offer

Part of making great products is to use the best components available. The 800 series bin uses industry leading quality hydraulic motors and valves sourced from Europe.

Welcome to business class

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled Spreader Claas cabin

The best spreader in the business deserves the best cabin in its class - Welcome to business class

Long hours day after day places plenty of demand on the operator to get the spraying program completed. At times it’s like a second office, where mobile communication means your machine becomes your place of business.

The Super Cruiser cabin makes it all possible, with features like the very latest in European styling and finishes. Narrow profile four post frame with external truss Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS), double skinned rear wall and extensive sound deadening provide a strong, yet peaceful uninterrupted view of the job at hand.

Centrally located cabin with suspension and air ride seat help reduce operator fatigue, allowing more hectares to be completed in a day. And simply, the best laid out controls.

Superior comfort

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled spreader Claas cabin with seven way adjustable seat

We know that one size does not fit all

Seven way adjustable seat, adjustable side console, adjustable steering column ensure operators of all sizes can find a place to do their best work.

Two’s not a crowd

When the days are long and a bit of company is needed it’s nice to have a proper place for someone to sit. The padded training seat with seatbelt is large and comfortable without hindering the operator’s vision or space. The seat also folds away to reveal a large storage area with optional cooling module for food and drink.

Keep your cool

The Australian summers can be long and hot, but that doesn’t mean you should be. The fully integrated automatic climate controlled air conditioning system with carbon filter allows the operator to set and forget. Strategically placed air ducting ensures air movement is distributed around the cabin. There’s also an overhead cooled storage compartment for a drink bottle.

Bin features

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled Spreader changing drop point

One machine for many materials

A key design feature of the Southern Spreaders 800 series bin is the ability to quickly and easily change between products, such as urea to lime. To achieve this the spinner discs do not need to be changed out. The operator simply removes the inverted Vee section which alters the drop point into the spinner. All this in less than 30 seconds.

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled Spreader inside bin from top

Chain feed system

A fully enclosed chain feed system greatly improves accuracy and reliability. The chain drive could be compared to a positive displacement pump, where each revolution provides a known volume of material. The chain feed system also has considerably less maintenance points compared to a belt system. Supplied as either a single chain or double for section control on either side of the spreader, a belt conveyor option is also available.

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled Spreader being loaded

Key to the design of the 800 series bin was to ensure the bin height is as low as possible, creating a low centre of gravity for maintaining machine stability. This also enables the operator to see inside the bin from the driver’s seat. Another benefit of low bin height is easier product loading.

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled Spreader bin angle

Bin side wall angle

Too steep of a bin angle and the product will wedge itself in, causing tunnelling. Too shallow and the product will not slide down the sides to the chain feed. The SS800 series features smooth walls set at a 45 degree angle.

Spread widths patterns

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled Spreader patterns from above

The 800 series spreader is Accu spread accredited

The Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) Accu-Spread program involves the independent testing and accreditation of fertiliser spreading equipment for accuracy and evenness of spreading. It contributes significantly to quality assurance, productivity improvement, environment sustainability and management of risk. When a machine is Accu-Spread accredited, the operator has independent verification of the capacity of the machine to apply a number of nominated products to an industry standard of accuracy. Southern Spreaders are currently Accu Spread Accredited for the following widths.


Please note: Spread widths are dependant on product quality, weather conditions and ground speed

Section and headland control

Southern Spreaders offer a twin conveyor, twin spinner control machine allowing the operator to minimise fertiliser waste on headlands and boundary.

Topcon X25

The optional Topcon X25 Console is designed to offer full-featured precision machine control and high-accuracy autosteering. It is available with feature packages that provide flexibility for virtually any size operation.

The X25 features the same farmer-friendly on-screen navigation menus, drag-and-drop mini-views and user configurable dashboard. It can simultaneously display three separate functions on-screen and is rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use while offering ISO compatibility.

  • Full range of manual and autoguidance patterns
  • Simple, intuitive, icon-based, user-definable interface
  • Multi-touch screen with mini-view drag-and-drop info windows
  • Easy setup on leading market vehicles
  • Full mapping and data management capability
  • Bright, sunlight-readable display
  • Full ISO UT and ISO TC embedded
  • Basic and Advanced feature package for any size operation
  • Exportable boundary, coverage, logging and as-applied maps
  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, easy-to-upgrade as needs grow

For productivity and ease-of-use, the X25 runs Topcon Horizon software which provides precision machine control and high-accuracy autosteering in a compact package. Horizon is the leading precision agriculture software, optimized for maximum functionality while maintaining ease-of-use. Built on the robust Linux Operating System, Horizon software meets the precision farming needs of today as well as into the future.

Performance on the ground

G8 Super Cruiser Self Propelled rigid chassis

The Goldacres Super Cruiser delivers unparalleled driving dynamics for a machine of this size.

The secret to this is the rigid chassis, suspension and mechanical driveline system which provides the machine’s foundation. The main chassis is a fully welded, torsionally rigid semi truss structure.

This offers not only the best machine ride, but also the optimum balance between strength and weight. The proven 5 link suspension featuring polyurethane bushed heavy duty torque rods, rear anti-sway bar and air springs on all four corners provides a stable smooth ride. All this combined with the full mechanical driveline results in performance on the ground.

  1. Large vertically stacked cooling system for fuel, transmission, water jacket, charge air and air conditioning. Optimised cooling fan to reduce noise whilst still providing maximum air flow.
  2. Over the radiator (OTR) air cleaner system with twin stage filtration provides cool clean air to the engine.
  3. Cummins Tier 3 QSB 6.7L – 6 cylinder engine rated to 194kw (260hp) and 987N.m (728 lb-ft).
  4. Allison 3000 series 6 speed automatic transmission with electronic push button selector. Double overdrive reduces engine RPM whilst still maintaining 50km/hr transport speed. Lock up torque converter improves performance whilst drastically reducing heat build up and fuel usage.
  5. 300L polyethylene fuel tank with both left and right hand side filling points provides enough fuel for the longest spray days.
  6. Full-time 4WD system with lockable centre differential provides a 50/50 power split between front and rear axles. An internal ratio step down of 30% reduces drive shaft speed, resulting in longer universal joint life, reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).
  7. Front axle features extreme rated planet hub reduction design with internal wet multi disc brakes. Fully incorporated suspension mountings and mechanical link between front wheels ensures correct Ackerman angles and alignment.
  8. Rear axle features extreme rated planet hub reduction design with internal wet multi disc brakes, negative park brake and differential lock. Fully incorporated suspension mountings including the anti-sway bar and tow bar point round out the package.

Mechanical advantage

G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled spreader driveline

More than ever before has every dollar counted.

Today’s farmer must evaluate capital equipment purchases carefully to ensure that the return on investment is maximised. With all the models and options available today the choice has never been greater, or harder. Look past the sticker price of the initial purchase, dig a little deeper and substantial variations in machine design can make all the difference. This is where the Goldacres Super Cruiser mechanical drive line system sets it apart from its hydrostatic drive competitors

There are numerous benefits with a mechanical drive, such as:

  • Less maintenance costs
  • Less noise
  • Significant fuel reduction
  • Less heat generated
  • Lower engine rpm
  • Lower horsepower required
  • More torque at the wheels
  • Longer component life

These all equate to substantially lower operating costs. Reports back from owners state that the Goldacres Super Cruiser can use up to a third of the fuel than some hydrostatic drive machines in the same situation. So when the time comes to make that important purchase, dig a little deeper and turn the Goldacres mechanical advantage into your advantage.


G10s Super Cruiser Self Propelled spreader dimensions

DimensionsA (m)B (m)C (m)D (m)E (m)

*3.6m when 520/85R46 tyres fitted at standard wheel track 3000mm


FeatureDescriptionG10sCab Chassis
EngineCummins QSB 6.7L, 6 cylinder, Tier 3 emission. 194kw (260hp), 987N.m (728lb-ft)StandardStandard
Vertically stacked combi cooler package. Fuel, transmission, water jacket, charge air and air conditioningStandardStandard
Hydraulic driven cooling fanStandardStandard
TransmissionAllison 3000 series automatic. Push button selector, lock up torque converter, 6 forward and 1 reverseStandardStandard
DrivelineFull Time 4WDStandardStandard
Centre Diff LockStandardStandard
2 wheel front steering systemStandardStandard
Hydraulics100L plastic reservoir with level and temperature gauge (visible from driver's seat) StandardStandard
63cc Variable Displacement Hydraulic Piston Pump (Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Thermostat)N/AStandard
63cc + 45cc Variable Displacement Hydraulic Piston Pump (Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Thermostat)StandardOption
22cc Gear Pump (Fan and brake system)StandardStandard
Tank mounted return filterStandardStandard
Electrical 12v - 160amp electrical capacityStandardStandard
Dual batteries with master isolatorStandardStandard
Fully sealed connectors with color coded wires used throughout the wiring harnessStandardStandard
4 x HID front mounted and 2 x HID rear mounted roof driving lightsStandardStandard
3 x LED service lights N/AN/A
LED light bar for lower bonnet (18x10W CREE)OptionOption
LED light bar for upper cabin (12x10W CREE)OptionOption
Night pro LED boom light systemN/AN/A
BrakingFull hydraulic twin circuit system with accumulator backupStandardStandard
4x Wet Brakes Inside Axle Housing StandardStandard
Electric over hydraulic operated transmission park brakeStandardStandard
ChassisFully welded, wide, semi truss, rigid mild steelStandardStandard
200 x 100 x 9mm main railsStandardStandard
Suspension5 link torque rods with rear sway bar. 4 x rolling lobe air springs with ride height levelling. Shock absorbers on all corners, front feature double knuckle for extreme axle articulationStandardStandard
PaintGrit blasted steel work followed by high build primer. All unwelded sections seam sealedStandardStandard
Wet top coat paint system with high temperature baked finishStandardStandard
Wheels and Axles520 R46/85 TyresStandardStandard
3m Axle TrackStandardStandard
4 x full length axle mounted polyethylene mudguardsStandardStandard
Soucy S-Tech 7016 track system 406mm wide beltStandardStandard
CabinBusiness class styled cabin with suspension StandardStandard
Dual tilt and telescopic steering columnStandardStandard
Air suspension seat with seat belt. Fully adjustableStandardStandard
Training seat with seat beltStandardStandard
Heavy duty canvas seat covers for both seats OptionOption
Accessory mounting rail on RHSStandardStandard
Window tint for all 4 sidesOptionOption
Refrigerator module for storage compartment OptionOption
Under training seatOptionOption
Carbon filtration with positive cab pressurisationStandardStandard
Bluetooth equipped radio and UHF with highStandardStandard
Gain antennas StandardStandard
Main cabin accessLHS access platform with auto folding ladder. Hydraulically adjustable width LHS boom rest for ease of access and convenient road transportStandardStandard
BoomTriTech flat folding boom. Mild steel inner wings with aluminium outer wings and breakawayN/AN/A
Available in the following widths. 36 and 42m. All booms plumbed in 7 sectionsN/AN/A
RapidFire single line in 500mm spacingN/AN/A
RapidFlow boom recirculationN/AN/A
3 tier system (3TS)N/AN/A
Trijet nozzle bodiesN/AN/A
Cross fire 3TS (3TS capability with nozzles staggered every 250mm)N/AN/A
Extra boom sections availableN/AN/A
Custom nozzle spacing and configurations on requestN/AN/A
Hydraulic wing tiltN/AN/A
Hydraulic bi-foldN/AN/A
Hydraulic yaw systemN/AN/A
Automatic boom height control systemN/AN/A
Remote fence line jetsN/AN/A
Spray control systemRaven SCS4400N/AN/A
ISO BUS control system (no VT supplied)N/AN/A
Topcon X25StandardN/A
Solution tanksUV stable Polyethylene heavy walled tank. Supported in a steel cradle N/AN/A
Main tank - 8000L N/AN/A
Rinse tank ? 500L side mountN/AN/A
Dry sight tube mounted on LHSN/AN/A
Spray Pump260 l/min, oil backed 6 diaphragm positive displacement. RPM readout N/AN/A
Suction filter plus twin pressure filtersN/AN/A
Chemical handling and transferChemical suction probeN/AN/A
60L induction hopperN/AN/A
Electric chemical transfer pumpN/AN/A
Micromatic rinse socket and couplerN/AN/A
3" integrated water transfer pumpN/AN/A
3" separate front fillN/AN/A
3" separate side fillN/AN/A
Service / MaintenanceRemote grease nipple bankN/AN/A
Auto grease systemN/AN/A
WeightWeights are approx. and depend on options fitted
Tare weight8945kg