3PL Sprayer – Small Frame – 450-1000L

The small frame range of 3PL sprayers are the perfect blend of function and style with a wide range of models and options to suit just about every spraying situation.

Packed with quality components and features these sprayers are designed for operators who rely on their equipment to get the job done, year after year.

Typical uses


Features 450L 600L 800L 1000L
Broadacre spraying
Rowcrop spraying
Vegetable spraying
Horticultural spraying
Weed control
Pest control
Industrial spraying
Municipal spraying
Specialised cleaning
Inoculant spraying
Fertiliser application
Fire Fighting
Water transfer


  1. The small frame 3PL chassis utilizes metric size Australian made steel to create a light yet extremely strong structure. The key to its strength is the combination of square hollow sections (SHS), rectangle hollow sections (RHS), pipe members and precision laser cut plates placed in strategic locations. All these sections are fully welded into a cube like structure which helps share the loads evenly around the frame.
  2. Goldacres four stage paint process. 1. Grit blasting which cleans and prepares the steel surface for the ultimate paint adhesion. 2. High build primer / filler flattens out the surface and is key to giving the top coat not only an optimum substrate to adhere to but that smooth “wet” look. 3. Wet top coat using the highest quality Australian made paint. Specially formulated for Goldacres, the top coat provides a finish which has excellent mar resistance (the resistance to abrasive action like scratching) and also a very high tolerance to aggressive chemicals. 4. High temperature baking which cures the paint
  3. Australian made rotationally moulded thick wall UV stable tank with an extra deep centre sump design. Smooth internal wall aids rinsing and decontamination. Sizes in 450, 600, 800 & 1000L
  4. A 23L handwash tank is incorporated into the main tank, yet completely separated. This eliminates the possibility of any cross contamination between the clean water and the main tank mix .
  5. Extra large hinged lid makes pouring in liquid or powder chemicals mess free.
  6. High volume high pressure three piston diaphragm pump with 540 rpm PTO shaft provides smooth consistent water flow to the boom or spray gun.
  7. A pump suction filter with shut off allows the operator to remove and clean the strainer even when the sprayer tank is full. Suction filter stops contaminates entering the pump and greatly reduces the chances of nozzle blockages.
  8. A three section manual control valve with master dump feature controls the flow to the spray gun plus left and right boom nozzles. An adjustable pressure regulator valve is fitted to set the maximum system pressure for precise spot or boom spraying control. Electric section and pressure regulation control can also be fitted for easy in cab adjustment.
  9. All spray hoses are constructed using a Nitrile liner. This liner helps resist the effects of the most aggressive chemicals from damaging the hose.
  10. Front mounted tank level sight tube allows the operator to visually check from within the tractor.
  11. 30m hose reel (450, 600 & 800L) and pistol grip spray gun with adjustable nozzle. 1000L has hose reel mounted to the side for easy access.
  12. Booms, choose from 14 models ranging from 4m through to 12m in width.
"Work Ready" Specifications
"Work Ready" Specifications
Features 450L GA4907150 600L GA4907155 800L GA4907160 800L electric GA4907170 1000L GA4907165 1000L electric GA4907175
Diaphragm pump 70l/min Standard
Manual control 3 way Standard N/A Standard N/A
Electric control 3 way N/A Standard N/A Standard
Suction filter with shutoff Standard
23L handwash tank Standard
Side mounted 30m hose reel Standard
AA30 gunjet Standard
Access step N/A Standard
Maximum width boom that can be fitted 8m 10m 12m
Configurable specifications
Features 450L 600L 800L 1000L
70 l/min pump Standard
85 l/min pump Option
3 way manual contro l& regulator Option
4 way manual control & regulator Option
Electric section & regulator upgrade Option
Automatic rate control SCS440 N/A Option
Top mounted bottom fill N/A Option
Venturi Probe Option
Foam marker doublesided 22L Option
Single sided manual fenceline jet Option
Single sided electric fenceline jet Option
4m manual fold Option
6m manual fold Option
8m manual fold Option
10m manual flatfold (galvanized) N/A Option
10m manual crossfold N/A Option
10m manual crossover N/A Option
10m hydraulic vertical fold N/A Option
12m manual flatfold N/A Option
12m manual crossover N/A Option
12m Krono hydraulic fold N/A Option
Lift kit to suit Krono boom N/A Option
Slant kit to suit Krono boom N/A Option
Vine boom 7 nozzle Option
Vine boom double sided 8 nozzle Option
Vine boom doublesided 12 nozzle Option
Trijet nozzle bodies Option
450L 600L 800L 1000L 800L – Electric  1000L – Electric
Weights (kg) 161 189 210 261 215 265


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