Nozzle technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the years and a strong emphasis on drift control has influenced many nozzle designs, including air induction (AI) technology

The spray nozzles operating pressure range & size determine the application rate and speed band at which the driver must adhere to. This band is usually quite narrow. Goldacres offer a 3 tier system (3TS) which effectively gives the driver a much wider operating band whilst still maintaining optimum droplet size.

The 3TS system effectively enables the operator to maintain a specific rate across a much wider speed range while delivering a consistent droplet size within the nozzle pressure range.

Think of 3TS as a three-step gearbox. Each nozzle type has an operating pressure band for a given droplet size. As the first nozzle reaches the top of the pressure band it switches off and the next larger size nozzle switches on. When that nozzle reaches the top of that pressure band the first nozzle will switch on again, effectively giving three operating bands.
The table below shows the pressure variations of two common nozzles, 015 & 02 operating at 70 l/ha through their respective pressure ranges from 7 km/h through to 27 km/h.

Compatible Sprayers