3TS Pro

3TS Pro – the ultimate control and flexibility without leaving the cab.
The 3TS Pro is essentially our 3TS system with an added nozzle to give a wider range of operating spray rates without manually changing jets.

If you are constantly changing rates but want to keep your speed consistent, the 3TS Pro is for you.

For example, you may want to apply 70l/ha with your combination of 015 & 02 nozzles to give the overall capacity of an 035 nozzle (as per 3TS chart shown), then increase your rate in certain parts of the crop, other paddocks or even in the application of fertilisers.
In most cases, you would need to slow down to increase the rate as you would previously exceed the nozzle pressure range. With the additional nozzle, the 3TS Pro will automatically select the best nozzle combinations for your speed and rate while maintaining the working pressure range of the nozzles.

Compatible Sprayers